Hammy vid & pic of the day

And another Patch photo. I mean – he’s so busy lately. Here he’s burrowing and dumping his cheeks out. It’s like having an ant farm in a way!

The video below isn’t the best capture of Strawberry’s climbing skills. He was getting tired at this point I think. And a little daring. I do think it’s funny how the music just happened to gain more bravado as he made the “big” climb at the moment.

Before the bin cage this hamster was a recluse in the cage. Hardly came out. Mostly after I went to sleep or just quick snack and sip breaks. Now he is out every evening just rummaging about. Burrowing or going through his tubes. If I sit down by the cages he’ll come to the mesh and poke his nose and climb. He’s like a completely different hamster. I can’t proclaim it enough! It makes me so happy!

Yesterday, I found a 110 qt storage bin for a dollar or so more than the 106 qt. It made me angry that I went to all the trouble of making a bin cage on a smaller one when I could have a larger one! Just if only I had gone to Big Lots instead of Walmart that day! So, now I have it – as naturally I bought it. I bought two actually. Under the guise of Christmas and Halloween Storage. Truthfully, I did need them for those things. But don’t think for one minute that my mind wasn’t first considering having them around for future bin cages. I can always dump out the sentimental Christmas goods and start sawing away! I mean – perhaps Strawberry wants a bigger place? Of course he does! Oh, but all the cutting. Bigger bin = bigger window. And of course this time I’d mesh the sides too since I have a climber.


Patch’s Pad & Hamster Picture of the Day

Well! I finished Patch’s pad. I decided to switch out the mesh top with the zebra print from Snow’s and match them top and bottom each. So, also enclosed is Snow’s updated mesh lid matching the bottom. Zebra fits Patch better in personality I think. I just love this. It’s very vintage feel. Very 60s. I had painted the platform brown but when it dried it was super lighter than I had wanted. But that is the issue with using non-toxic water color pretty much. So, I’m still happy.

And who should come out to enjoy it, Patchy boy. He kept looking around and then began to run in his wheel and saucer then looked around again. Tried out his water bottle. Then he went upstairs and that is when I started snapping. ❤

And just to show the change – Snow’s matching lid with bottom (I still need to finish the entire bottom with the Duct Tape):

I am working on a weekly post showcases fabulous hamster pads I find on the internet. I have a few already in a draft. I just LOVE to see what others do that is stylish but safe and fun for their hamsters. All done so everyone is happy!

Switch out and Remodel

Snow’s got a brand new pad …. Yes, I believe I might have gone a little insane. But I just envisioned this …and I love it.

And he LOVES it. In this photo he’s “underground” inside the yellow play-doh DIY tube that I buried. I don’t know how I missed the memo about giving hamsters extra bedding for their instinctual need of burrowing – duh! But I caught on finally and now I have some much happier hams. They have become more active as now they come out in the day just to tunnel under the bedding quite a bit. Awesomesauce.

Here is Strawberry’s upgrade – same ole bin but remodel inside for my RC Dwarf!

In these details you can see I included a bit to show how imperfect bin cage making is though you hardly notice when you jazz it up. It’s really difficult without fancy tools – to cut out a bin cage without some cracks, or jagged edges, or uneven angles. Adds to the charm.

Strawberry is insanely happy with this bin cage. More space. Mesh to climb! He has been super active for two days and nights now which is like having a completely different hamster as he never was like this before. I used to think I had gotten an old hamster from the petstore. Or that perhaps he was just a reclusive personality when in his cage. But all along it was his need for a cage like habitat and to be bigger. I can’t tell you how good it did my heart to make him and Snow happy. And of course the creative outlet of working on Snow’s pad is so therapeutic for me as well. We all win!

Now, it’s time to jazz up Patch’s place!
And to photograph Bob’s cage. I’m just waiting on his new hamster house to come in next week and he’ll be finished. I’ve added new ledges to complete another level and rearranged a hammock. Taken out the big tube as it was taking up too much space.

What will I do when this is all done? Oh, I’ll miss it but I’m so content with the habitats now. Such a good thing.

Hammy Habi Changes & Hammy Vid Post

With much thought before and after making the bin cage I finally decided to go with what I initially desired. I originally was going to put Snow in Strawberry’s tank and Strawberry in the bin cage. It made more sense to me to let the bigger hamster have the bigger space. Robos are very active and busy but the bulk of the time mine spend active is running in and out of tubes and on their wheel and flying saucer. They are in long 20 gallon tanks so this is sufficient though bigger is always better. I feel they are very happy.

Strawberry on the other hand … when I started out I was very naive. I got him and then one of those horrible Crittertrails and stuck him in there. He did nothing at all but sleep. Then I upgraded him to the 10 gallon tank feeling relieved that I had given him bigger space. Then realized that was too small. 20 gallon next. And with platforms and he seemed much happier and a bit more active. But still he needed more. Tonight was that night. I put him in the bin and Snow in the 20 gallon.

For Strawberry – he was ecstatic. There is no better way to describe how he reacted. He checked out every inch. He climbed up the mesh then back down. Then back up again. Then dropped down (oh you daring creature!) Then stuck his nose through the bars at me. Then climbed again. As if showing off to me. He went through his log. He went through his new tube. He went under the wood arch. He hopped on his wheel and did a few rounds. I could go on. I have never seen him act so excited. It did my heart good.

Snow,  though it may seem was down-graded, has super super deep bedding now which he has already made a lot out of tunneling since placing him back in a tank. In this deep bedding I have all his tubes jutting out of it. All his toys fit just fine. And I plan to make him a new platform that is more efficient for his tank. I’m brainstorming now. But he explored about and was ultimately pleased. He then went back into one of his favorite tubes and went to sleep. Now he’s back out and running crazily from his wheel to his saucer. I haven’t seen him this active in this way in a long time. I get the impression he’s much more comfortable in a tank.

Updated habitat photos will be in order once I do some more adjustments to both.

And because it’s so cute – A video of Strawberry getting ornery over a noodle I introduced to him. Dreamfields diabetic pasta – perfect for diabetes prone Russian Campbells I’d say!

Ham Pic of the Day: Patch

Patch. He’s my least social. He bullied the heck out of his brother. But you know what? I don’t love him any less. In fact because I love each one differently for their diverse personalities I love Patch very much for his nature. He is the most amusing! He’s the speedy one. The most hardcore on the Flying Saucer and Silent Spinner. He loves going around and around in his tubes. If I had the space, Patch would be absolutely awesome in the largest habitat possible. He would make FULL use of every space.

It seems like everyday these hamsters get much older. It’s like they age a week in everyday compared to humans. That’s my guess. He is already slowing down just slightly. He is even becoming a tiny bit more tame every week. Today, I thought …HOW will I get a close up of this guy? He hardly lets me handle him? But today I got him while he was still groggy from his house and he was actually a lot more tolerant of me than ever before. Maybe he appreciate the photo shoot. Maybe he secretly wants to be a hammy model? Well, he certainly could be one! What a face! What a patch!

Finished My 1st Bin Cage!

I am so proud of this. I’ve stated in THIS post (when all I had finished so far was the lid) that a lovely gal from Hamster Central posted her finished bin cage and it set a whole new level to the homemade bin cage look. It made me want to make one based on her template! And let me tell you – this overall took days, hours, holy Moses! This was a pain in the arse to make! Sawing plastic is not simple. My aching hands will tell you. But once you complete it …what pride and accomplishment!

I really owe her because her creativity really inspired me and despite the challenge – expanded my hamster hobby to another level! Now I kind of wish I had the other two in bin cages because they are such a nice size! Bigger than the tanks. Cheap. And girlie cute. Though I have boy hamsters …

Hammy Pic of the Day: Snow

I am so excited about this picture. My Roborovski hamsters like most I would imagine – are fast movers. Hard to photograph. Of the two Snow is my tamest. Especially, when I catch him drowsy. He happened to take up sleeping in his favorite tube. I gave him a slice of baked chicken – a treat I’ve never given to any of my hams before. This is the first piece of food that Snow has ever taken from my fingers! He absolutely loved it. (As did Bob and Strawberry). Patch, his Robo brother – was not amused by it.

Snow was bullied by his littermate Patch when I originally had them housed together. His rear end was pretty torn up with nips. As were all four of his paws and a chip from his ear. I separate them and since then Snow slowly (very, very slowly) has become tamer. I dare say he kind of likes me. He certainly trusts me more than since day one. He actually lets me hold him (if I catch him) and snuggle my nose to his fur. Or I should say he tolerates it. Briefly.

He is the most adorable thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. He is so cute it hurts. Seriously. He slays me! Absolutely!