Welcome to Hammy Happenings

Strawberry, my Russian Campbell Dwarf. He was my first hamster of the four. I brought him home July 2012.

Yes, I am so in love with hamsters that I felt compelled to devote a blog to them. Bear with me as this will be under construction for awhile! I’m also a mother of two little ones as well four hamsters and so time is one of those things that is fleeting and precious!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Hammy Happenings

      • That would be AWESOME!!! Maybe I can make some more hammy blogger friends!!! your lovely fun blog was my inspiration – so thank yous are in order!!!

      • woohoo!! Oh definitely, its like a little furry-loving community! hehe, got something written already so will be posted in the next few days. 😛 Got a few shout-outs lined up so will hopefully be bringing together some hamster lovers! 😀

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