Patch and Strawberry’s Aquariums

Patch (one of my Robos) tank.

For one of my Robos and my Campbells Dwarf I have 20 gallon long tank (breeder) for them. Strawberry is a very lazy ham. I’ve had tubes and platforms and such and really all he does is sleep in his house all day. He prefers to be out of the tank whenever possible. He actually is quite cuddly and likes to be held or ride on my shoulder. So, I don’t feel bad about his not having a large habitat but I do feel sad I cannot give him a lot of attention. Believe you me if I could devote more to him whenever I wanted it would probably be so much he’d be exhausted! That said I am brainstorming more options with his tank currently. One of which is connecting it via tubes to a 10 gallon tank I’d keep below it on the stand. Or possibly a bin cage.
My Robo Patch was a bully to his littermate Snow and drew blood. I finally separated them.  Patch kept the tank and is so much happier with all the space to himself. I can hardly believe or remember them ever sharing this. Hardly enough space for two. And if I had the room I’d love to have a huge aquarium for each as the more space a Robo gets the more entertaining they can be. But this does well for now. They are both content hamsters.

Strawberry’s (Campbell Dwarf) tank.


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