Ham Photo of the Day: Strawberry Fields Forever

Okay, okay – I said Bob was so sweet. He is. But then I get a hold of Strawberry and suddenly it’s like …”Oh! YOU are the sweetest one.” It’s like that with children. You see something unique and special in each one you love.

Strawberry (our first hamster and like Bob – was named by my two year old) is our only nipper. He doesn’t nip to be mean or aggressive. He sniffs our hands with interest before he does it. As though he just loves them. Maybe he wants to eat us …I don’t know -but it’s not all the time. Just here and there. Enough to keep you guessing. But he’s the one that sits still in your hand. He’s the one that once you put him back into his tank he looks at you like he’s been jilted. If he could he’d probably hang out on my shoulder all day as I went about my business.

He also loves the ball the most out of all the hams. He could keep going in one all day if we let him.


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