Hammy Pic of the Day: Snow

I am so excited about this picture. My Roborovski hamsters like most I would imagine – are fast movers. Hard to photograph. Of the two Snow is my tamest. Especially, when I catch him drowsy. He happened to take up sleeping in his favorite tube. I gave him a slice of baked chicken – a treat I’ve never given to any of my hams before. This is the first piece of food that Snow has ever taken from my fingers! He absolutely loved it. (As did Bob and Strawberry). Patch, his Robo brother – was not amused by it.

Snow was bullied by his littermate Patch when I originally had them housed together. His rear end was pretty torn up with nips. As were all four of his paws and a chip from his ear. I separate them and since then Snow slowly (very, very slowly) has become tamer. I dare say he kind of likes me. He certainly trusts me more than since day one. He actually lets me hold him (if I catch him) and snuggle my nose to his fur. Or I should say he tolerates it. Briefly.

He is the most adorable thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. He is so cute it hurts. Seriously. He slays me! Absolutely!


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