Finished My 1st Bin Cage!

I am so proud of this. I’ve stated in THIS post (when all I had finished so far was the lid) that a lovely gal from Hamster Central posted her finished bin cage and it set a whole new level to the homemade bin cage look. It made me want to make one based on her template! And let me tell you – this overall took days, hours, holy Moses! This was a pain in the arse to make! Sawing plastic is not simple. My aching hands will tell you. But once you complete it …what pride and accomplishment!

I really owe her because her creativity really inspired me and despite the challenge – expanded my hamster hobby to another level! Now I kind of wish I had the other two in bin cages because they are such a nice size! Bigger than the tanks. Cheap. And girlie cute. Though I have boy hamsters …


7 thoughts on “Finished My 1st Bin Cage!

  1. OMG THIS LOOKS AMAZING!! I have been thinking of upgrading my hamsters cages, but never really seen anything I could really put my mark on and now this?! WOWOWOW! I have a lot to live up to 😛 love it! Bet hammy will looooooove it! 😀

  2. YES! I hope you try this. It’s so worth it. I Love it so much that I want to make two more to replace their aquariums which are only 20 gallon long. I love how pretty the aquariums look but they aren’t big enough in my opinion and we aren’t going to buy MORE aquariums (bigger ones) . Too much money being spent when I could just make a couple more bins. Duck tape comes with so many designs too!!

  3. I’m stalking your blog tonight. 😉 I can’t sleep so I’m snooping around from your link on HC. Great site!

    • OH yay!!!! Glad you visited!!! You were the inspiration for it. I’m forever in your debt!!! *bows to the bin maker master* Haha!!!

  4. I absolutely love your bin 💘 I just got my lil Furbaby and bought the critter trail was a pain to put together than realized just how small it is and started looking online and your was like the 3rd I saw but the nicest and I plan on copying your just a few changes to make it mine but your concept My Gus Gus will love it I’m gonna make a 2 level for him. Thanks for posting.

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