Ham Pic of the Day: Patch

Patch. He’s my least social. He bullied the heck out of his brother. But you know what? I don’t love him any less. In fact because I love each one differently for their diverse personalities I love Patch very much for his nature. He is the most amusing! He’s the speedy one. The most hardcore on the Flying Saucer and Silent Spinner. He loves going around and around in his tubes. If I had the space, Patch would be absolutely awesome in the largest habitat possible. He would make FULL use of every space.

It seems like everyday these hamsters get much older. It’s like they age a week in everyday compared to humans. That’s my guess. He is already slowing down just slightly. He is even becoming a tiny bit more tame every week. Today, I thought …HOW will I get a close up of this guy? He hardly lets me handle him? But today I got him while he was still groggy from his house and he was actually a lot more tolerant of me than ever before. Maybe he appreciate the photo shoot. Maybe he secretly wants to be a hammy model? Well, he certainly could be one! What a face! What a patch!


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