Hammy Habi Changes & Hammy Vid Post

With much thought before and after making the bin cage I finally decided to go with what I initially desired. I originally was going to put Snow in Strawberry’s tank and Strawberry in the bin cage. It made more sense to me to let the bigger hamster have the bigger space. Robos are very active and busy but the bulk of the time mine spend active is running in and out of tubes and on their wheel and flying saucer. They are in long 20 gallon tanks so this is sufficient though bigger is always better. I feel they are very happy.

Strawberry on the other hand … when I started out I was very naive. I got him and then one of those horrible Crittertrails and stuck him in there. He did nothing at all but sleep. Then I upgraded him to the 10 gallon tank feeling relieved that I had given him bigger space. Then realized that was too small. 20 gallon next. And with platforms and he seemed much happier and a bit more active. But still he needed more. Tonight was that night. I put him in the bin and Snow in the 20 gallon.

For Strawberry – he was ecstatic. There is no better way to describe how he reacted. He checked out every inch. He climbed up the mesh then back down. Then back up again. Then dropped down (oh you daring creature!) Then stuck his nose through the bars at me. Then climbed again. As if showing off to me. He went through his log. He went through his new tube. He went under the wood arch. He hopped on his wheel and did a few rounds. I could go on. I have never seen him act so excited. It did my heart good.

Snow,  though it may seem was down-graded, has super super deep bedding now which he has already made a lot out of tunneling since placing him back in a tank. In this deep bedding I have all his tubes jutting out of it. All his toys fit just fine. And I plan to make him a new platform that is more efficient for his tank. I’m brainstorming now. But he explored about and was ultimately pleased. He then went back into one of his favorite tubes and went to sleep. Now he’s back out and running crazily from his wheel to his saucer. I haven’t seen him this active in this way in a long time. I get the impression he’s much more comfortable in a tank.

Updated habitat photos will be in order once I do some more adjustments to both.

And because it’s so cute – A video of Strawberry getting ornery over a noodle I introduced to him. Dreamfields diabetic pasta – perfect for diabetes prone Russian Campbells I’d say!


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