Switch out and Remodel

Snow’s got a brand new pad …. Yes, I believe I might have gone a little insane. But I just envisioned this …and I love it.

And he LOVES it. In this photo he’s “underground” inside the yellow play-doh DIY tube that I buried. I don’t know how I missed the memo about giving hamsters extra bedding for their instinctual need of burrowing – duh! But I caught on finally and now I have some much happier hams. They have become more active as now they come out in the day just to tunnel under the bedding quite a bit. Awesomesauce.

Here is Strawberry’s upgrade – same ole bin but remodel inside for my RC Dwarf!

In these details you can see I included a bit to show how imperfect bin cage making is though you hardly notice when you jazz it up. It’s really difficult without fancy tools – to cut out a bin cage without some cracks, or jagged edges, or uneven angles. Adds to the charm.

Strawberry is insanely happy with this bin cage. More space. Mesh to climb! He has been super active for two days and nights now which is like having a completely different hamster as he never was like this before. I used to think I had gotten an old hamster from the petstore. Or that perhaps he was just a reclusive personality when in his cage. But all along it was his need for a cage like habitat and to be bigger. I can’t tell you how good it did my heart to make him and Snow happy. And of course the creative outlet of working on Snow’s pad is so therapeutic for me as well. We all win!

Now, it’s time to jazz up Patch’s place!
And to photograph Bob’s cage. I’m just waiting on his new hamster house to come in next week and he’ll be finished. I’ve added new ledges to complete another level and rearranged a hammock. Taken out the big tube as it was taking up too much space.

What will I do when this is all done? Oh, I’ll miss it but I’m so content with the habitats now. Such a good thing.


5 thoughts on “Switch out and Remodel

  1. Oh. My. Gosh! THIS IS AWESOME!!! Slightly jealous of your hammys.. their pads are better than my room hahaha, love the colours! Definitly might have to get a storagey box so I can let my inner interior-designer out to play hahaha 😀

  2. HAHA! Tell me about it! My own bedroom isn’t even all set up yet since moving here. I still have stuff in boxes and nothing on the wall. And yet I’ve spent all this time on my hammy’s homes! LOL. More rewarding somehow!
    TOday I found a 110 qt bin – the one my dwarf is in is a 106. I was pretty angry that I went to all that trouble with the 106 when I could have waited a little longer and done the 110!!! Much more room! Oh, of course I bought it. And of course I plan to make another bin cage. LOL. But not for awhile. I really need better tools to make it easier. Like a soldering iron!

  3. Hello!

    I know this is an older post but I just love your hamster’s habitats! Awesome! I need a water bottle for my hamster’s aquarium like the one pictured in your first setup. The glass bottle with the straight down nozzle. Could you perhaps tell me the manufacture and where I could find one?
    Thank you!

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