Patch’s Pad & Hamster Picture of the Day

Well! I finished Patch’s pad. I decided to switch out the mesh top with the zebra print from Snow’s and match them top and bottom each. So, also enclosed is Snow’s updated mesh lid matching the bottom. Zebra fits Patch better in personality I think. I just love this. It’s very vintage feel. Very 60s. I had painted the platform brown but when it dried it was super lighter than I had wanted. But that is the issue with using non-toxic water color pretty much. So, I’m still happy.

And who should come out to enjoy it, Patchy boy. He kept looking around and then began to run in his wheel and saucer then looked around again. Tried out his water bottle. Then he went upstairs and that is when I started snapping. ❀

And just to show the change – Snow’s matching lid with bottom (I still need to finish the entire bottom with the Duct Tape):

I am working on a weekly post showcases fabulous hamster pads I find on the internet. I have a few already in a draft. I just LOVE to see what others do that is stylish but safe and fun for their hamsters. All done so everyone is happy!


8 thoughts on “Patch’s Pad & Hamster Picture of the Day

    • Hehe!! It truly is so much fun! I’m going to miss doing it. UNLESS I get bored in a couple months and do another “remodel” …or even better – do an upgrade – bigger habitats require bigger design!!

    • Those I actually found in Petsmart! Metal frame and metal mesh. They are great (kinda pricey though). I just put decorative Duck tape on the border to make it cute hehe!

    • Oooh! The red bridge is from Petsmart in the Fish ornaments section. The picket fence is from Michaels Crafts Store (United States)

  1. I LOVE your set ups, so bright and funky, this is what I’d like to do for ours. The little purple table/platform – is this homemade or did you buy it?

    • I made that platform! I went to Michaels which is a craft/hobby store (not sure if you are in the US or UK etc) and bought pieces from the wood section for cheap. Used non-toxic hot glue to attach it together to be a table or platform and used children’s water color (non-toxic) paints to paint it those wacky colors! Thank you so much. I no longer have these sets ups as we are preparing for a move across the country so all my hams have been relocated to bin cages to acclimate as they need to be in plastic bins for safer travel. But I DO miss these set ups so much!

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