Hammy vid & pic of the day

And another Patch photo. I mean – he’s so busy lately. Here he’s burrowing and dumping his cheeks out. It’s like having an ant farm in a way!

The video below isn’t the best capture of Strawberry’s climbing skills. He was getting tired at this point I think. And a little daring. I do think it’s funny how the music just happened to gain more bravado as he made the “big” climb at the moment.

Before the bin cage this hamster was a recluse in the cage. Hardly came out. Mostly after I went to sleep or just quick snack and sip breaks. Now he is out every evening just rummaging about. Burrowing or going through his tubes. If I sit down by the cages he’ll come to the mesh and poke his nose and climb. He’s like a completely different hamster. I can’t proclaim it enough! It makes me so happy!

Yesterday, I found a 110 qt storage bin for a dollar or so more than the 106 qt. It made me angry that I went to all the trouble of making a bin cage on a smaller one when I could have a larger one! Just if only I had gone to Big Lots instead of Walmart that day! So, now I have it – as naturally I bought it. I bought two actually. Under the guise of Christmas and Halloween Storage. Truthfully, I did need them for those things. But don’t think for one minute that my mind wasn’t first considering having them around for future bin cages. I can always dump out the sentimental Christmas goods and start sawing away! I mean – perhaps Strawberry wants a bigger place? Of course he does! Oh, but all the cutting. Bigger bin = bigger window. And of course this time I’d mesh the sides too since I have a climber.


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