Hammy Pic of the Day: Bob Hearts Turkey (and video)

Bob sure loves Turkey. He’s been quite lazy of late. He isn’t coming out in the evening as he used to. When I wake up early with the baby he’s not out like he usually is. The wheel starts up at around 7pm for awhile. Then he naps and then back out again at 10ish. And this goes on until I go to bed. Then he’s usually out early morning (5-6am) doing his rounds of his cage – all the ledges and the suspension bridge and hammocks and so forth. Not in 3 days.

I worried he was sick. I’ve been peeking in at him from his house and he seems to be fine. He looks good and he eats and drinks. And is sweet as normal but he will then go back in and settled down and sleep. I suppose Hamsters have down periods? Or phases. But that is where we are.

This morning I decided to coax him out with a couple pieces of turkey meat and that worked for a wee bit. But after a few bites he pocketed it as soon as he got it away from me. He thought about going about his ledges for a moment then changed his mind and went back to his house and that’s that! Sheesh!
I miss him! (Incidentally, my Robo Snow is also doing this.)


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