Millet Spray: Hammy Pic of the day

What can be fun with pets is learning about and seeking out toys and treats. It’s like that with my 2-year-old son as well. I am so excited when he opens up a new toy or savor a delicious new snack. The enjoyable thing about hamsters is how varied their diets actually are. They are omnivores though most people don’t know that. They eat bugs. As I haven’t found live mealworms and crickets yet (haven’t really sought them out yet yuck!) I do get dried ones meant for Bearded Dragons. Bob and Strawberry go absolutely nuts over them. As well they all four enjoy a piece of ham or turkey or chicken or boiled egg.

Then there is all the vegetables and fruits. Though you have to be careful by that. There are some choices not good for them and may upset their stomach. Nuts with the exception of bitter almond.

Also bird seeds/treats. Yesterday’s new treat was Millet Spray. I remember seeing this in my sister’s bird-cage when I was a little girl. As I’ve been perusing online all the different cage set ups that others have for their hamsters I kept recognizing the Millet Spray in there. Upon further research I realized hamsters love it and it’s good for them. So, I purchased a bag and stuck a sprig in each hamster’s cage. The Robos were as usual suspicious of the new item on their platforms. But eventually they’ll go for it. Of have already in the late of night while I slumber. Bob savored his immediately.

But Strawberry? He attacked it. He tugged and pulled and mounted and dragged his about. It was like he was a mongoose with a snake in there. I probably should have taken some video of it but I was using my Nikon instead of my iphone so it wasn’t convenient.

What are the treats you feed your hammys? I’d love to continue to expand my treat list!


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