Bob’s finished cage

I finished Bob’s cage. Yay! I love it so much I can’t stand it!!! So I have a LOT of pictures. Overkill, yes. But what can I say? I worked hard on this. Finding bargains on the ledges in various online places and arranging and then rearranging to make sure everything fit in such a way that it wasn’t crowded.


3 thoughts on “Bob’s finished cage

  1. Looks Ah-MAZ-ing! I am looking to upgrade the hammys cage, one at a time. Where did you find your bargains to deck your pad out with? The new cage I’m looking to get is 60 quid and I want it to look this good.. With three hamsters, it could get pricey! And tips? Xx

  2. THANK YOU!!! I love it so much! It’s been so much fun but I’ve been so impatient to get all that I got in there. Well, most of my luck has been discount pet supplies stores online for USA. Like and Petdiscounters. Then I’d grab up sale items on Petco and I found a few steals on Amazon.
    I did a LOT of price comparisons! Whew!

    Over here we don’t have all those great cages like you guys do in the UK!!! You have the Alexander and the Hamster Heaven! The Barney! I wish we could get those over here. I was lucky to find the cage I have even though it’s quite high. You have to have the hammocks to be safe. I still worry about him falling sometimes but he’s pretty careful and I’ve got it pretty covered.

    But it’s one of the few cages I could find in this country that had the right length size. I think it’s 100 CM but it’s definitely 39 inches. So if that converts to 100cm that is what it is! So really nice. I wish I wasn’t so high is all but I’ve made the best use of that space I think!!!

    My tips are hammocks and ledges! You find them under Chinchilla or Sugar Glider. I found hammock sets (whole set with corner ones and long ones in a bargain set made home made on Etsy and Ebay. I went with the cheapest on Ebay but Etsy had some good deals.

    Bird ladders (large ones) can be cheap and you cover the gaps with jumbo craft sticks and a glue gun and you’ve got a bridge! Much cheaper than buying the ones marketed as bridges! I found a long wooden bird ladder on sale for 2 bucks. I got 3 of them. I’ve yet to fix the other two up with the sticks but I could extend it to one big bridge all the way across the cage. I might still.

    If you start putting together your own set up I so want to see it!!! I LOVE it. I am always looking up hamster habitats that people put together. I just love love love to see what people come up with for their hammy loves!!!

  3. Wow, I thought I had my cage nicely decked out but this is just insanity! Love it! I wish I could put in toys that make noises but me and the ladies sleep in the same room so that’s not a real option ;). I can bare the wheel, but no bells please! And the chew toys… hmmm, going to consider those!

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