Hammy Pic of the Day & Bin Cage tutorial in the works

I took this last week when Bob first got his millet spray.

I’ve been slack on here because I’ve been super busy. One of the tasks of many keeping me occupied is making another Bin Cage. I think I posted about upgraded the bin for Strawberry after finding a 110 quart bin? Well, I decided that instead of switching out that I would instead stack the 106 onto the 110 and connect them with tubes and give Strawberry his own mansion. Why should Bob be the only big wig? 😉

Seriously, Strawberry has changed a lot since getting a bigger habitat. He’s more active. Happier with me. I just put in some cage wire from another cage I never used (cheap-o cage that was terrible) for climbing and he’s even more active. And he’s always loved climbing up tubes. So naturally I realize that a bigger cage connected with tubes is going to make him even happier.

In doing this I took pictures of my process. I felt like it would be neat to make a page on WordPress about bin cage making. That way anyone who is interested in making a bin cage like mine would have all the information on how I did it. It worked for me so maybe others will have such luck.

I am going to finish the stacking project tonight. I still have to attach something on the back of the current bin cage as well connect the tubes and then set up the bottom bin before I make and publish the page.

At the rate I’m upgrading Hamster cages we’ll not have any room to live in our own apartment. LOL.


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