DIY Bin Cage (double deckering it too)

I did a quick DIY page for the blog  >> here << because when I saw a the picture of the bin of another (where I got this idea from) for the first time all I could think about was wanting to make one very much like it and was shy about asking how. So, maybe someone is on the fence about bin cage making or has no idea about this alternative and so perhaps my page will inspire and help that person.

My only issues with this double decker is that in the future (which I hate to think about but the thoughts slip in there) is that this could only work with Dwarfs. Crittertrail tubes are too small for Syrian Hams. I’d have to come up with another option of connecting if I were to house a Syrian in it years down the road. Which is more likely I’d get another Syrian than another Dwarf. As much as I love my Strawberry and he’s the one I’m most bonded with – I don’t know if I’d get another Campbells Russian again. If I did I would seek out a breeder instead of going the Pet store route which is difficult also here in the States – and try out a pair of same sex littermates instead of just the one.

Anyway, hopefully my Strawberry will live an amazing 3 years. If I could be so lucky.

He is so happy to be reunited with tubing. He always loved his tubes. I took them away from him for awhile as he seemed to be getting fat and I was afraid he’d be stuck. But he seems to fit just fine now. And he so adores going up and down. I also have tubes connecting his bottom platform to the ground of his bottom bin.

The space seems a bit overkill for him personally. He’s a lazier hamster. But I’d rather have more than not enough. Especially, as I don’t get to spend as much time with my hamsters as I’d like. They don’t get as much outside time as they’d benefit from most likely. So, at least I can feel comfort knowing that they have more than enough space in their own cages.


23 thoughts on “DIY Bin Cage (double deckering it too)

  1. LOVE! I have started thinking about my bin cage. Finding the wire mesh here in England is proving difficult. And the colourful duct tape too! Trying to think of how I can double decker two bins for my syrains without using a tube… hmmm Ill have to research it! 😀 x

    • Really!!! On that hamster central site I joined it seems all of the English have found mesh. I wonder if they are finding it online. Would you like me to ask them where they are buying theirs for you? They are such a friendly group and so willing to answer questions. I think they go to a place called “Wilkonsons” …does that ring a bell? But that might be just where they are buying the bins. I just see that store name come up a lot with them. There seems to be more English than American on that site lol.

      Someone just posted for suggestions on DIY tubes for Syrians and I”ve been checking it anxiously to see responses. But none yet. Other than drainage piping (PVC) but that probably wouldn’t work because it’s slick in the inside so how would they climb up?

      • Ooooh yep I have heard of Wilkinsons. That would be super helpful if you could find out where theyre buying the mesh, I have found good sized bins its just the mesh I am struggling with. It may be online in which case knowing what kind of stuff Im looking for would be super helpful 😀 I want to get it right! 😀 hehexx

      • That’s absolutely brilliant. There is a wickes right nest door to the pt store I get all the hammy bits from so couldn’t be more ideal! Thank you so much, I shall keep you posted on my progress 😀

    • I keep replying to your original comment because the other replies of yours only have an “edit” option and no “reply” option. Weird! STill getting used to WP so maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, I still cannot find decorative tape for you. Obviously it needs to be heavy duty tape like Duct tape. But you guys don’t get Duck Brand tape over there. Scotch brand tape does a form of it that is decorative too. But surely there is a UK alternative. I checked UK Amazon but saw nothing! grr!! Even if you could find a heavy duty tape that was solid color it would look cool and you could just use stickers or felt pieces or something to jazz up the tape.

    • Oh wait a minute. Here is solid color (assorted:)

      AND then I saw one of the Duck tape – pink zebra – that we get over here. So, if you search enough you might actually find other designs. not sure what the shipping would look like but it’s a start!!!

      If you look below for suggested you see ALL sorts of the other patterns. The shipping I spy looks a bit pricey. I guess it depends on how badly you want it. I kinda wanted it really badly so I just might spend that on a roll. One roll would do about two bins and maybe 3 depending on how big the window cut out and the lid cut outs and how many windows you do on each bin.

    • You can cut a hole out of the bottom in the top bin, and then cut a whole in the top of the bottom bin. Use a ladder or make one with popsicle sticks or some other creative way. They can climb up without a tube.

      • Ah, yes, that is the usual way. I was trying to keep it so I could always return to using them as separate bins. Once cutting the bottom out of one like that it would forever have to be kept together.

      • Ah, yes, that is the usual way. I was trying to keep it so I could always return to using them as separate bins. Once cutting the bottom out of one like that it would forever have to be kept together.

    • Oh! I hope it inspires him!!! I wish that I had done this for my Syrian hamster too instead of dropping all that money on the cage I bought him. But you live and learn!

  2. I LOVE the bins! And I so know what you mean. As I am gone a lot, Koko and Ruma don’t get an hour of free-ranging time every day. They have a 6 story (double) cage that is fit for 7 though and has a wheel and tubes, so they should be able to move around enough.

  3. are the mesh inside?i want to make one cause the cages are all so small here.if your wondering where i live,i live in problem of draft ~≧▽≦)/~

    • I’m replying from email so I cannot see what bin this is you are asking about – forgive me on that. But I have for the most part put the mesh on the OUTSIDE. I began to put mesh in the INSIDE recently because I started to fear that my hamsters MAY take to chewing the plastic edges and get a way out. With the mesh there from the inside they cannot get to the plastic to chew. The only problem with mesh on the inside is that you have to be sure the edges aren’t sharp. I remedy this now by cutting an extra half inch of mesh all around when cutting it and fold it over (the half inch of extra mesh) with needlenose pliers before securing it to the sides of the inside. That way there is no sharp edges of mesh AND my hamster can’t chew a way out of the plastic. BUT none of my hams have ever chewed the plastic edges when the mesh was on the outside. I just began to fear if there ever could be a “first time” you know?

  4. My son has been working hard to earn the right to have the first pet he’s asked for — a hamster. After going to the pet store, he read my mind and asked, “How do you MAKE a hamster cage?” We found your post, and we are so excited to be making it this week! This week he should finishing earning the hamster, and this weekend we should be going to pick up the hamster. This originally started as a way to teach him responsibility, but it’s turned into a great learning project in general that we’re bonding through. I’m excited about getting a hamster too, now, and really looking forward to making the bin this week! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking the time to post these instructions!

      • You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for posting these instructions — they guided me through the whole process!

        The bin came out pretty well. It cracked in one or two places, but not badly enough that I had to start over.

        I used a drill for the zip-tie holes, and a box-cutter along with a candle-heated, old paring knife for wire mesh walls. I put wire mesh on all four sides and left the lid intact. I made a make-shift door out of one of the smaller sides with zip ties for hinges and extra wire for a lock, I put duct tape around the three sides of the door that weren’t zip-tied to the bin to prevent getting scratched when you open it. It was hard to cut the holes in the plastic, but it was still fun. I cut the holes while my son was asleep, but we put the wire mesh in, the duct tape on, and the bedding & enrichments together the next day.

        We got rainbow colored duct tape for ours, and used the box-cutter to gently cut a ripple pattern into it. We attached the silent wheel through one of the mesh walls, the hamster has to climb up onto a box to get to it — that’s all the more we have for a second level right now. The hamster still seems to like it though! There’s a lot more for him to do than what he had at the pet store.

        He got the hamster two days ago! A black syrian whom we named Pepper! I wish I could post a picture of everything for you!

        THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH for posting the instructions for everything — I never could have done it without you! 🙂

      • Aww I want a black hammy some day!!!! I would love to see a picture. I have to figure out how to have a way for people to email me on here without setting myself up for spam bots !!!!

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