Bob’s Kevin 82 is a hit!

(You have to excuse the cable ties sticking up. I haven’t clipped them yet since attaching the wheel base to the top of the cage. And I have yet to unpack my dresser mirror – it’s still in a box behind the dresser and cage. Maybe this weekend. Bob might like his reflection in a mirror behind him!)

I LOVE the Kevin 82 Mouse Cage by Marchioro! Yes, it is expensive. It’s one of the what ….(?) 3 (!!!) adequate cages for hamsters sold in this country?? So, I know I don’t have much choice anyway. But I do not regret it and it’s perfect. Perfect size for Bob and for me. He absolutely acts so much more friendly to me again probably due to being in a cage that is less wide open and he’s in my bedroom now so all day long he’s in the quiet instead of the boisterous sounds of my boy and baby.
But the point is – today I came up to his cage and opened the door and he walked right up to me! He hasn’t done that since I had him in a 20 gallon tank. Where he genuinely is happy to see me! I really think I had a stressed out hamster on my hands and now I’m getting that inquisitive, sociable hammy friend back! And I feel comforted by him in my room. Makes me feel young again – that little girl with her hamster. Or that teen girl with her mice. I was a happy girl with a pretty much happy childhood and it brings me back to a good time in my life. Not that my life isn’t good now but with all the stresses and all the demands on me right now my hamsters – just cuddling one – takes all that away if only for a few minutes.
Well, sure. I have to get used to his nocturnal noises now. But he’s not all that loud. I have a 2 month old waking me up every couple hours to 3 hours anyway.

Well, I got this cage from And the very next day I saw it for 22 dollars less from I contacted who has a Low Price Guarantee for pre-purchase but they were absolutely awesome and kind and gave me a refund of 22 and odd change back for the difference of the cage in comparison to their competitor. And still shipped it right away. It got to my doorstep a couple days after ordering it.

Then I was researching online for safe paint and ways to color Wodent Wheels. I bought my Wodent Wheel for very cheap from but I couldn’t choose the color. It’s whatever in stock which for the price I paid was half less than where I’ve seen anywhere else when you add shipping and etc. It was a black and burgondy wheel that I just hated the look of but love the actual wheel and of course what is important is Bob loves it. But in my searches I found a place to get the Wodent Wheel replacement pieces for cheap and also very cheap shipping! I was able to order Hot Pink front and back panels and a light blue track. He even was sure to put in the Hot Pink wheel with the light blue sticker on it to match with the track. And he shipped it super fast. I highly recommend him if you have a Wodent Wheel and need replacement or want a makeover. He sells the hardware pieces too – the washers and clip. Just not the stand. So you can’t construct a full wheel for cheaper than buying it put all together. It would be so much cheaper if so.

I am very visual and I like to have things look cute, pretty, cool. It means a lot to me to love how something appears even if it’s for a pet! You should see my boys’ rooms! So, I’m strangely giddy about my girlie wheel. Bob, poor Bob. He’s not girlie. He’s very much my little fuzzy boy Ham …but he doesn’t care his wheel is Hot Pink! Maybe he prefers pink too!

I do wish I had taken these pictures while he was awake this afternoon but I didn’t think about it until after he nestled in to sleep! Gah! There is tomorrow!

He loves his corner hammock. Loves to get a treat through the bars from me while he’s looking out and chilling.

Bob is in that mound over there. He built that up. I am going to make him a cool house I have pictured in my mind – out of craft sticks soon because his other house takes up so much room.

Bob only pees in his sand box which is a ferret litter pan with Chinchilla sand inside. Saves me from having to change out his substrate much! He’s such a clean little critter!




2 thoughts on “Bob’s Kevin 82 is a hit!

    • HAHA!!! Hi there!!! *waves at Alan and Maggie* My blog is moving up in the world now that it’s in Google search! Awesome! I LOVE this cage. As you can guess I’ve rearranged a little more since this was taken. I had to make room for his Flying Saucer which he really missed! And his house. And he didn’t get into the tube that came with it so that was removed.

      I still love bin cages more but my wrists can’t take making another one again so this cage was fantastic alternative albeit a splurge.

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