Hammy updates

Bob is back downstairs and now Patch is on the dresser of my bedroom. And I do love his company at dusk and dawn. I am late to bed, up often all night and early rising and so now I get to go to bed watching and wake to see a crazy active Robo.

What about Bob?! Well, his cage is on a new stand. We missed him all day while he was upstairs. Maybe less time around our sounds wasn’t good because he went back to being startled by my attention in the evening.

I have a hammy playpen set up for Bob down there so we can get him out everyday safely. Neutral territory. From more research I am stressing him out because he is probably very territorial in personality and will never like my intrusion in his habitat. Because once he free roams he isn’t at all miffed with me. And so we need to work on bonding on new curious ground daily. I am going to find a way to always make time for it. Also he needs to get daily time in his ball.

Strawberry is getting daily ball time again because I set the timer on the stove to remind me that he’s out and to not leave him in too long. We do 15 minutes. I see a big difference in Strawberry’s activity level now that he has not only a bigger cage but also more outside time. Also he also will get playpen time!

I plan to bring Snow up to our room too. Just have to make room! Oh, I am always worrying over these hammys!


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