And now with Gerbils!

That will be the new byline to this blog! I introduce to you : Lennon (the brown one) and Mercury (black one) after my favorites musicians John & Freddie. I adore them! Gerbils, where have you been all my life?

That brings me to a sad story. When I was very young I was offered to take a gerbil from a friend who couldn’t care for him anymore. His name was Maverick as the family was super into Top Gun at the time. I had no idea what to do with a Gerbil. We didn’t just have internet then to go google care instructions and believe it or not – there weren’t “How To’s” about Gerbil care in our local island bookstore.
I kept him in a small birdcage. Threw some shavings in there (Cedar of all things). A few sticks from the back yard and a full diet of really cheap hamster food. Now, I know hamster food is pretty much similar to hat these guys eat but still…this was pretty low quality stuff. We didn’t have fancy foods back then on the island. Just cheap Hartz brand in the grocery store that mostly comprised of tiny seed you see for birds and some sunflowers and corn thrown in. I didn’t spend a great deal of time with him because he was so jumpy. I didn’t understand Gerbils. Or the appeal. He was nothing like a hamster. He chewed the bars relentlessly.

So, eventually, I just found him another home. He was in no way mistreated but I was an ignorant child. Now, I know so much. And when I decided to get a pair of gerbils I researched for two weeks. I joined a forum. I asked a lot of advice from Hamster Central members in the “Other Pets” section. I googled images and videos of Gerbil Tank set ups. The more I did the worse I felt about that poor Maverick. I can only hope who took him knew more than I and gave him a much better life than he had had twice before with his original owners and then me.

I have been taking pictures of my step by step process of making a habitat for them out of an aquarium. I’ve called it their Gerbilarium though I know in the UK there is actually a set up you buy called that. But I just mean a Gerbil-Aquarium.

They have already got into my heart. Now I understand Gerbils. I get it! I see now how you make them happy and how much fun they are when they are in the proper environment. I’ve really missed out all these years. The delight in my sons laughter as they would pop out of nowhere from the substrate! PRICELESS. These critters are incredible.



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