Process of a Gerbilarium & Updates

I made a new page for the process of making a Gerbil tank set up for pair right  >> here <<.

It’s been difficult to get the freedom to update here or anywhere for that matter. But I’ll give a rundown!

The taming of Bob. Well, that has gone very well. I would say he’s comfortable with me now. We have an understanding. I don’t go digging about for him while he’s sleeping. I approach slowly and speak to him first when I see him milling about the cage. I have only touched him or picked him up with a yummy treat to feed him or to give him outside cage time so now he’s associating my hands and voice as positive. I never just pick him up and cuddle him and put him back in like I used to. That was for selfish pursuits and nothing that was that thrilling for him so now he gets something out of it too.

He’s also getting ambitious about getting out of the cage when the door is open. He’ll climb right over. He wasn’t much of a climber before.

Strawberry was weeing so much in his tubes it was leaking onto everything. As well he stopped doing much in his bottom bin. He was only into the double decker for the joy of the tubes. So I am back to a one level bin for him and have been slowly but surely making a tube wonderland inside the bin which he appreciates. It makes him a bit less active outside as he not only sleeps, eats, and wees in his tube, but you can tell he’s content. He’s a tube fanatic that dwarf! I have plenty more tubes to connect for his entertainment. Pretty much to gather new food I throw in or offer to him by hand or to run his wheel are the only two reasons he surfaces from his tubes! Whatever floats his boat!

Patch ended up annoying the heck out of me in my room. As that Robo gets older he is taking more interest in activity aside of his wheel and flying saucer. He likes finding new ways to climb onto his platform. He wants more enrichment suddenly. I put in a glass jar and that’s his new favorite thing. I also put another level/platform and he appreciated that.
Snow however is a simple, and very laid back for a Robo. He is happy with his wheel and saucer and that’s that. He’s not as active as any of the rest of the hamsters. And he comes out after 1am and only for a short while so I make a point to make sure the cute little guy is still with us every now and then since I rarely see him at all.

My steel 5 tier shelf came in last weekend and we put it together and now I have all my hammys stacked in my  living room. I enjoy seeing them all in one place. It’s a space saver. When my son awoke the next morning and saw this he laughed and smiled and stared happily while saying, “Oh, I love the shelf mommy. I love it very much!” The hamster shelf is a big hit!

The Gerbils! They are fantastic. Adorable. I only wish they were tame already. But Lennon doesn’t run now when I approach the tank slowly and talk to him all the while I’m doing it. If he’s on the surface that is. But if I reach in he’d run and hide in his burrow. Mercury is still completely skittish. I try to approach them and speak to them many of the times they are on the surface. But not every time. I’m still trying to give them space and time to become confident and settled within their habitat.

I plan to use the leftover bin cage as their play pen once I can handle them. I’ve yet to hold one as I used a cup for them to jump into from their take home container to put them in their tank.

Now, I have the issue of Christmas holiday and our week with family. I had planned to bring Bob and Strawberry with me and have someone come check on the Robos every other day. Now with the Gerbils it got a bit more complicated as I have to find someone kind enough and who takes rodent care seriously.


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