Bob, hammy picture of the day

Bob is so often photogenic that it’s hard to not take a lot of pictures of him.


He is so cute. I put him in his play pen last night and he had such a great time getting out. I have trouble making time for them all and yet I adopted them all. I need to definitely call it quits on anymore additions if I can’t carve out that time for each. But he is as tame as ever. Not afraid of me one bit. He’s so sweet and cute. His coat is getting longer. It’s growing longer in new patches. Hopefully at some point it will be even all around but it’s pretty! It also means a lot more grooming which I’m more than happy to oblige. He’s always been patient about the toothbrush on his fur since I first brought him home so it leads me to believe he enjoys it.

I do have a hammy concern. He seems to drink an awful lot. More than ever. Syrians aren’t supposed to be more likely for diabetes but it’s not impossible either. So, I have to find those test strips you can buy. I’m not sure if you can get them in America or not. The UK people speak of them a lot. Other than that I’m not sure if it really means anything negative. He is healthy looking. Acting. Eating and active.Peeing a little more since he’s drinking more (as I notice in his litter pan sand) but not too bad or anything.

Maybe this is normal for active Syrians. He definitely drinks more than my other hamster species. Patch does drink a lot compared to Snow and Strawberry. I notice him at the bottle a lot and I don’t think Robos get diabetes.


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