Strawberry, Hammy Pic of the day

Strawberry here sitting on the Timothy Hay I stuck in there – after he went a little nuts for it initially. Chewing on it. Rolling in it. So much so that he actually rolled off the lolly stick house and was on his back for a funny moment (unharmed of course).  He went back up and began eating a piece of cooked Penne pasta I stuck in there afterward to soothe his feelings. Hehe.

Strawberry is quite a treat hog. He will eat pretty much anything. My other hamsters are picky. But Strawberry loves something fresh and new. He has enjoyed freeze dried mealworms (as does Bob and the Robos) for some time but when I picked up the Gerbils I decided to be brave and buy live mealworms. I even let him sit in the container and dig a few out himself! (That way I don’t have to touch them! Ick! And he gets his foraging/hunter kick).


2 thoughts on “Strawberry, Hammy Pic of the day

    • Mealworms apparently go into a “sleep state” when in refridgerated temps – like I guess any larva in the dirt ?? I’m not sure – not much of a scholar in grubs and larva and etc LOL. But as I keep the container out for awhile they come back ALIVE and wiggle around. YUCK. LOL

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