Bob won a contest I didn’t Enter him in.

In USA the best animal bedding available is CareFRESH. It’s made by recycling paper – making it into pulp and drying and resulting in incredibly soft and absorbent bedding. It’s been a favorite of mine not only for those reasons but also because it helps us in this house full of allergy ridden people. Aspen is a cheap, safe, and nice smelling choice but it has triggered unwanted nasal issues with us all. Carefresh also comes in cute colors. I keep hoping pink will be one soon. If it’s not already – I never see it anywhere for sale so I’m not sure.

Well, the company (Absorption inc) has a great product but they are also nice people. Recently, a photo of my hamster Bob with my son holding him was stolen from Hamster Central forums and used without my permission in a CareFRESH cutest pet contest AND it won. The guy who did it (after some investigating I soon found out who) – is a 14 year old boy who on his Youtube account “likes” videos on “How to win contests”. He’s a compulsive shopper for his hamsters (aren’t we all but to the point where this guy is probably spending hours yanking other people’s hamster pictures (WITH THEIR CHILDREN IN THE SHOT) and entering them illegally as his own to contests JUST to win…) and this particular contest was for a 3 dollar coupon for CareFRESH which he couldn’t even use in Scotland where he lives.

So, I stumbled upon it having the company liked on my “incognito” Facebook I keep to stave off unwanted family and old acquaintances from finding me – and guess what pops up on my news feed? MY photo with MY son and MY Hamster. I went on a rampage with the company wanting them to remove it. They promptly did and were incredibly apologetic though my rampage wasn’t AT them – it was toward this person at the time I had no idea who it was and the idea of the dark sides of the internet. I won’t get into the emotional side effects of this event. This post is to state that the reaction of CareFRESH was genuine. I was probably on the phone with a manager for 30 minutes if not longer just discussing what sort of creep would do this.

Then I receive this package in the mail with their products. Bedding, Food, Litter, and that cool Crinkle paper. It wasn’t even their fault but they were so kind and generous!
I couldn’t not make a post about that.

As for Mr. Evan Carrie from Hamster Central – I wrote him a private message telling him how what he did was wrong and how it made me feel. Never got a response back from him. I don’t think he gives a damn to begin with but he’ll also do it again. I think he is an immature contest junkie. I can say that because I was once 14 and I didn’t steal offline or online. So, age is no excuse for that personality trait.


For a little bit more detail and about the emotional aspect of this I’ll link my other entry on the subject from my other blog >> here<<


4 thoughts on “Bob won a contest I didn’t Enter him in.

  1. Omg what drama!!! How brazenly rude to steal your picture and I understand your concern especially when it has your son in it too! What kind of person does that?!?! Madness how did you find out you’d won it then if he’d done it under his own name??
    At least they recognise the mistake and how lovely of them to send you all them goodies too! I doubt a 14 year old would reply to a message, hes probably feeling very sheepish and sorry for himself right about now, and too right!!!

      • Can you believe it though? And what were the chances I happened to have Carefresh’s Facebook fan site added ? I normally would never see it but it happened to pop up on my feed. I have their fan site added to see what new products they get in and sales they run. Etc. New colors. ETC. I was NOT expecting that!!!!

        He probably is feeling pretty crappy. Either for being caught or for upsetting someone. But I just don’t know – you can never assume what another is feeling and thinking that is for sure but I did give him a piece of my mind!!!!!

      • Its a crazy coincident! I try to be careful with my picture putting my site on every single one of them because I’d heard stories of photos being stolen and used, but never have I actually met someone who has been affected by it! It must have been a surreal moment! Good for you giving him a piece of your mind – I would too! He needs to learn that hes made a mistake, and he did wrong! Its too easy to see an upset kid and think aww go easy on him, but they’ll never learn!

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