Recent Cage Tour of Bob & Bonus Material



So, I’ve been doing the cage shuffle with the critters. A lot happened. New cage for Strawberry. Which meant upgrade for Patch. Which opened up an upgrade for the Gerbils. The deep tank I had for the Gerbils was great for already very tame gerbils but mine are still so skittish that they’d dig and dig these elaborate deep tunnels and never come up but for water. I’d have to destroy it all every time I tried to get them to tame them. So, small tanks are better for taming as seems obvious and it’s been working. But now that we’ve made progress I wanted to upgrade them from 10 gallon to 20 gallon.

But in all of this Bob is still happily in his Kevin 82 but with a few new items. When I got the gerbils the coconut lookout toy I kept thinking how Bob needed one. He would love it. So, now that the gerbils only have a mesh lid as I have them in a smaller tank for taming – Bob has it currently. Also, the gerbils could care less for the hay holder toy. But I wrap up treats in tissue and stuff it into the hay holder and Bob loves a challenge.
(I have two videos of Bob with his toys after these photos)

I put his favorite seeds into his coconut for his look-out snacks too.

His favorite house is a cardboard container. I have really accepted that now. Haha.

And bonus material :

Adventures in Bob free ranging

Bob going bookwormish and brushing up on some light reading.

Bob wants to know if this paper towel roll makes his bum look big?

Bob says, “This is my good side!”


2 thoughts on “Recent Cage Tour of Bob & Bonus Material

    • I have never noticed a problem. I got him that wheel before I even knew there might be an issue. I have a flying saucer for him as we’ll just in case but he prefers his wheel most of all. I cannot see how his hair could get stuck in there!

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