New Cage Tour: F.O.P Gabbia Tamburino Linera Natura

Quite a mouthful huh?

So, in this next cage tour post we have another Italian manufactured cage (like the Marchioro Kevin 82) that I’ve wanted that is available by one distributor in New Jersey (Abbaseed) but quite a bit less expensive though not cheap either. It’s like a Duna or Zoozone style cage as they have in the UK. It’s a good size at about 29 inches in length. Great for my dwarf Strawberry.

I just transferred Strawberry’s things inside and haven’t really done anything creative. I need more toys for Strawberry. You can’t tell by the picture but it has an Olive-green base which is very pretty.

I just love the look of it. How light weight it is. Other than the Gerbils – I’m trying to steer away from aquariums because of how heavy they are. Initially aquariums were one of the few options for adequate size for hamsters until I joined a forum and these pricey but great cages began to be pointed out to me. Anyway, now I have Patch in Strawberry’s bin cage which size-wise is a nice upgrade.

Strawberry thinks it’s A-Ok!

Seriously, he loves the extra deep substrate I gave him and has been burrowing like crazy.

His craft stick house that my son and I made for him doubles as a platform. He loves eating his millet and corn on there.


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