Long Hair Syrians and the issue with bedding/substrate.

So, Bob’s beautiful hair is growing thicker and longer bit by bit. And though this delights me because I love long hair on hamsters and wish his hair was as long as I’ve seen many to be in pictures! But with this comes an issue with his bedding and substrate sticking in his hair. I’ve read you aren’t supposed to brush a Syrians hair and then I read you are. Conflicting opinions. But if I did not comb his hair every few days it knots up in the bedding. And in the last few days it was knotting daily with pieces of Carefresh in it. I’ve tried various things. All of it does.

So, while I wait for pelleted substrate to come in I shredded a lot of paper and then I added Carefresh Nestables to the mix. And I can say that this is a great way to go for LH Syrians. I’ve not had to groom him at all. He seems fine with it. Once the pellets arrive I’m going to do a thick base layer with those and then add piles of shredded paper of my own and then on top of that Eco-Bedding which you can get larger bags of for less expense than the small Carefresh Nestables. It’s I believe similar but will learn soon enough when my order of Eco-Bedding arrives as well. Both are springy like paper crinkles and make wonderful nesting material. And for his litter box (which is a large ferret litter pan but he prefers a large space to go in) I use Swheat Scoop which is all natural wheat as an ingredient and nothing more and originally used as a natural kitty litter and I have no issues with that sticking in his hair whatsoever.

Lastly, I stuff toilet tissue inside his house for him. To use only paper pelleted bedding (I ordered Planet Petco Crumble but another option is Yesterday’s News) I felt would be too hard on his feet when he’s so used to Carefresh which is so soft. The paper shreds soften it I believe.


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