Split Cage Method

So I have hated having my Robo hams separated. They have been separated since late August when the fighting got dangerous. I was naive and did major no-no’s with a Robo cage. You shouldn’t have levels/platforms and there must be 2 of everything and a house if you risk using one at all should have multiple openings. Well, I did opposite of all that having had no idea and I feel I might have more success this time.

So I set up a split-cage using the 110qt bin cage and left over play pen fencing and so far it has gone well. But I feel the one who was bullied the most (Snow) is the one most interested in his brother while the bully (Patch) is seemingly the least interested. So it all rests on Patch and how he takes to his brother again.



I will leave them this way for a week or two and in that time I swap sides so they get used to each others scents as their own so this will heighten the chances of a smooth reintroduction. Wish us luck!!


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