Hammy Pic of the Day: Introducing Penny Lane


I am STILL here. I have a lot to update. Especially, that I have a new hammy love! A GIRL hammy! She is shaking up the hamster room. (Yes, I now devote an entire room to my hamsters! – and it’s going to be our office too). Bob is beside himself. I’ve never seen him so hot and bothered (can one use that expression about a hamster and it not be kind of weird?) He has been going crazy. But he seems pretty excited and not stressed. In fact this development has made him tame in overdrive. He now practically flies into my hands when I open his cage door. Climbs up my sleeve to my shoulder for a better look out to seek his lady love from afar.

His lady love? Penny Lane. A beautiful Sable Banded sweetheart pictured above!


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