Gerbils in their 40 Gallon

Ah, a 2nd post in a row! Time to play catch up! How I have missed talking about my critters to the WWW!

Before the holiday I procured this used 40 gallon tank for only $30 bucks. That is correct! It wasn’t even used actually. 2nd hand, yes. Used – no. Brand new! Sitting in a man’s storage. He threw in a broken mesh lid. I fixed it with my lucky Duck Brand duct tape! Once I returned from holiday I went to work on their new habitat. I put in drift wood we found on the beach as Gerbils so enjoy climbing as much as they do burrowing and free ranging. I took a photo just as I had put them in. I knew if I didn’t take a photo then I’d miss the opportunity of it look pretty. Once gerbils get a hold of a habitat they make it their own very quickly. Rearranging and burying everything. That drift wood was almost completely covered with substrate.


Since taking this – as gerbils (unlike hamsters) enjoy their habitat being changed around – I have changed out their driftwood. I found so much of it that I can do that. I got a piece that is a thick heavy, long log like piece. It’s harder for them to burying it with all their substrate but tonight after chewing through numerous amounts of toilet paper rolls and cardboard containers – have managed to get half of it covered.

Don’t get gerbils expecting to keep a lovely, pretty natural looking habitat. LOL.

Here is a little video of them right after being first placed in there.


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