Penny in the Mamble (American version aka Ferret Kit 100 cage)


Penny has graduated to the Mamble. She is such an active little thing! She already has learned to scale the cage showing off that she has no need for platforms or tubes and things to get to the top. Thank goodness for hammocks. As you see she’d fall to far if there was nothing to catch her. But she jumps off the 2nd tiers. Thankfully not the 3rd tiers. I’ve given her several inches of substrate so it’s essentially a large pillow down there anyway.

She is different than Bob in almost every way. She is crazy active. Unlike his initial skittishness – she is right in your face OH HAI THAR! She isn’t a fan of being picked up yet but she just avoids the hands in this very suave and deft way. No bolting. Just a slight turn to the left or to the right at just the right time then turning to strike a pose : vogue hammy!

Could I be more ridiculous about this hamster? She is a star. I adore her. She’s my babygirl. My diva! She has Bob at wits end. He has learned to chew so hard and push at his door of his cage he can lift that heavy thing up! I have to clip it now so he can’t lift it up to escape. I’ve never seen behavior like this from him. He’s more active and more of an acrobat (like Penny is) since her arrival. I feel quite guilty I’ve done this to him. But I can’t say he’s stressed out. He seems thrilled in my assessment. He’s much more personable. Wants to interact and be held.

Penny has been such a positive addition to our family. Even my infant follows her in awek with his young little eyes.


Penny perched on top of her drift wood. We found quite a lot of it on the beach while visiting my home island over the holiday.


She’s more of a climber than Bob ever was but she’s good at it. She’s confident and more agile than Bob. I don’t fear for her in this cage as I did Bob. It suits her perfectly. But the large hammock does add that security to my peace of mind.

I didn’t get video of her until she was much more subdued (during her climbing escapades I was holding my infant). But it’s still a good view of her enjoying her layout.


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