Ahoy Captain Strawberry – Rough Seas Ahead!

captainStrawberry in the play pen tonight

Whew. I’ve been getting frustrated with the Hamster Forum I frequent for a few reasons. One of which is the surge of newcomers with tiny cages. Who ask for advice or not but are nonetheless given the minimum measurements for the hamster cage standards and even suggestions of cheapest options to go about that and STILL they flat out ignore it all and post proudly their most gruesome torture chambers to sock their hamster away in. Then when everyone has their jaw to the floor they moan and groan about how mean everyone is because we don’t think their cage is AWESOME.

Same ole excuses:

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t like how bin cages look.

It won’t match my furniture.

I must have pink (or purple).

And then despite the reasons of not having enough money they continue on with post after post of all this stupid crap they buy their hamsters and OH — continue buying MORE hamsters.

But also I find myself quite lonely there. In a forum full of people I feel strangely disliked. I am not sure what it is but I haven’t seemed to make even one friend there.  I see so many really just hitting it off. I dunno. It’s a good thing I have my little blog here. I adore my hamsters even if it feels like my hammys are the least liked over there as well. 😦 And I can stick to just posting about their exploits here instead of there from now on. It will save me much much time. I’ve learned so much at that forum that I will forever be in their debt. Forever grateful. And continue to recommend them because though I used the term “disliked” I don’t mean that I was mistreated or spoken to rudely in anyway. Just that I cannot seem to make friends while other big posters do. It’s high school all over again. With the cliques I suppose. I’ve been tempted to express my gratitude in the community lounge and bid them farewell on a few occasions. Not that I wouldn’t read up on new posts there but that I would no longer be posting. But that would prompt too many questions if anyone cared to ask them. And I don’t want to be negative or stir up unnecessary drama! That is so not me. It would just seem strange to just disappear from there …but then again …it probably won’t matter. I guess I am so sad that I am lonely and have few friends and my love (obsession) with hamsters made me feel I found a place to fit in.

I think I’m taking it much too personally but I suppose I have issues that stem from childhood and this rolling stone lifestyle I live in where I cannot seem to keep friendships. Meaningful ones. Isolation such as mine starts to play with your mind and emotions.

Well, I have several posts I want to make in the upcoming days.

The play pens!

The hamster room!

A story about a beautiful abuse survivor named Marshmellow (a red eyed white SH Syrian) who I might get to meet soon!


11 thoughts on “Ahoy Captain Strawberry – Rough Seas Ahead!

  1. I don’t know for sure if you are referring to HC, since I know there are other forums, but I completely understand where you’re coming from. I often feel the same way on HC, as if I’m invisible. That’s not to say that I haven’t received some amazing comments and my hamsters some wonderful compliments… All of which I appreciate. But I often find myself updating their threads with no replies. And I feel like such a dork sometimes for being sad about it! But I know, realistically, a lot of it is just coming from my own issues (of which there are many.) So now I’m babbling… But I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone at all, even if it may feel like it sometimes.

    • I was!! I guess because I love it there so much and like everyone so much! You kind of get to know the regulars even if you don’t really personally communicate and feel almost like friends. I sometimes talk to some people on there more than my few close, childhood friends! I feel like a dork about it too. Heck. I feel like a dork having this blog. But I am not going to stop it hahaha. Hamsters – they make me so happy and are like therapy to me and in return I try to give them the best hammy life possible. But it’s really great to have hamster loving human friends too!

      Thank you so much for your comment – It really helps to know that I am not the only one that can feel blue about it. Though I hate that you ever feel that way too. I think it is more to do with personal hang ups. I really think it does with me.

      • My first hamster, Fluffy, originally came as a result of therapy! My therapist at the time asked me if I had a pet because he thought I could greatly benefit from having a living thing to take care of. And of course there are always things you receive in return from taking care of them. Sadly I don’t see that therapist anymore (stupid insurance) but I can’t thank him enough for that suggestion. My little ones have definitely been lights in what is sometimes total darkness. They’re amazing little creatures!

    • Marquelle I don’t have a reply option to your last comment from my iPad but I wanted to say that your therapist sounded great. I would appreciate a person like that for help. I am usually on antidepressants but not on them for awhile since having children. I seem to be better off than ever before since having kids and undoubtably hamsters and gerbils. But there are very dark weeks still and they can be nearly debilitating. I am like a robot in tasks. Autopilot. But numb except for my kids and hammys. I hope you can get another trusted therapist soon if you could benefit. I want to add you to my Facebook but is that weird? FB is really personal for people. It’s the only place I show vids and pictures of my kids and personal but I still like added particular new people. I don’t think I would turn down any HC people if they wanted to add me because of a shared passion.

      • Yeah, he was pretty great. I’ve often had trouble finding therapists that I actually like, which probably has more to do with me than them, but he was very insightful and made me have all kinds of a-ha moments. And I don’t mind being added on FB at all. I don’t always post a lot and usually it’s nothing too personal because I also have family members as friends. :p

  2. I just wanted to comment that I have been “stalking” HC and your blog off and on for a while now. The biggest reason? I feel that you have much love for your furry little ones and I love the different tank/bin ideas you have!

    I have also felt sort of alienated at HC, which is why I joined Hamster Hideout. Trust me, it took a while to feel like I found a place to fit in – but now I truly feel like I DO fit in! I have joined HC three different times in the past few years and I just didn’t feel a connection at all. Sounds dorky, but I just feel a lot “safer” at Hamster Hideout and I know they would absolutely LOVE your setups and energy! (Just in case you’d like to join if you haven’t already! I am assuming you haven’t, as I don’t remember seeing you. However, I have only been there for a few months so maybe you have joined before…)

    Anyway, I better shush now – just know that you HAVE gained fans through your blog and your time at HC.

    Hope to see you at Hamster Hideout? You can even make a profile showcasing everything about your furry family members! LOL 🙂

    • Oh my gosh this comment cheered me up!! And you know – I signed up for Hideout awhile back but never really checked it out. Forgot my login information and not long ago I signed up as Strawberrysmom over there but again haven’t checked it out. But I believe I will tonight. Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestion!!! Made my day:)

      • You are very welcome! Hope to see you at HH! Like I said, you may feel a little “weird” or “new” at first – but I promise you, you will fit in soon enough! Took me a little while to feel “in place”, but now I am on HH more than anything else!

        Hope to “see” you there soon!



  3. yea, feel the same way about HC. i think american girls are most likely seen as outsiders, and not just on HC. its an english thing. but its ok. i have learned to go there just for photos and ideas. but youre not alone. i also cant stand the hamster owners youre referring to..such ignorance. it doesnt take much to research proper hamster care. it really doesnt! its mind blowing. how they get pets just to appease their own vanity or whatever. sick.

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