Marshmellow’s Story

I’m on a roll tonight. 2nd post in the hour! I have much to catch up on here.

One which is very important to me is the story of Marshmellow, a local abuse case.

As some may know I am a military spouse. I live on a military base here in Maryland. That normally isn’t important to this story except that I found out about Marshmellow (and making a friend in the process) by a Facebook group for pet owners of this base. The lady posted her devoted hamster page on Facebook there and I have followed since. And after we all get over our colds we’ll be meeting Marshmellow as well the kind lady who took her in and has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on her care and recovery. She hopes her Facebook page devoted to Marshmellow will bring more awareness of animal abuse and the need to educate our children by example and otherwise of how to properly and kindly treat our animals.


The story in a nutshell – a child intentionally dropped the classroom hamster from where she held her at full arms length above her head. The drop broke Marshmellow’s hip/leg. The teacher quickly found someone to rescue her and that is when my new friend stepped up. She is nursing the feisty snowball colored Syrian back to full health but it’s a slow process much hampered by her desire to go go go as hamsters are designed to do.

In healing Marshmellow has to be kept in a small nursing cage and not have a wheel. Recently she was taken off the pain medication. There will be another vet visit to see how the bone is healing. Let us hope it heals and won’t have to be amputated. Though I hear stories of 3 legged hamsters who manage well enough.

If you would like to follow her recovery from Facebook here is Marshmellows Story.


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