Gerbil Glam & Fears

Gerbils Jan 2013

So, my gerbils have become super active. They have overcome so many fears and are now normal gerbils I think. I loved them at first sight because my heart went out to them when they were in miserable conditions. And now day by day it grows stronger. I’m so attached. I worry sometimes that my husband could get an overseas assignment in a year. It’s always possible with the military. If he did there is no where overseas that would accept U.S.A rodents – pets or otherwise – into their country. Not even to quarantine. The thought that I would be forced to choose between moving with my husband to a foreign land (or Hawaii – American land but still consider ‘overseas’ in Military and strict on rodents) or my pets. And even if I could bring them all – there is a limit to how many pets you may bring. I have a dog, two gerbils, and five hamsters. Who do I pick? Seriously. But of course I think our chances are slim. There is a chance …but somehow I just don’t foresee it. At least I pray not. I have no desire to live in a foreign country and call me crazy but I have no desire to live in Hawaii either. Now, UK …that would be AWESOME … but he’s Army and it’s mainly Airforce who get stationed there. I digress …it’s a worry I have. Because there is no other reason I would have to give them up that I can see. No other reason I would. And the thought of being forced to give them up …all of them …hammys and gerbils …makes me SICK to my stomach!!!

So, they were playful in their tank and making my son and myself giggle. I decided to snap shots of them and how their habitat is looking. They really work around the roots and logs of the wood in there as well the wooden bendy arches and cardboard tubes that I had in there. Everything is made into a burrow. Photos don’t do justice. In person, up close is the only way to see how truly amazing it looks in there. Like a hobbit house!! I wish I could shrink my self so I could venture into their labyrinth.

gerbil tank


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