Dwarfs more Day Time Friendly

As many dwarf ham owners realize pretty quickly (especially in comparison of other species they may have simultaneously (Syrians, Roborovskis) you have a more day time oriented hamster. Oh, still super nocturnal but of all my hamsters, Strawberry, a hybrid dwarf (a breeding of the Winter White and the Campbells) is the one most ready to get out for some day time romp and stomp.


Every valiant knight has a noble hamster at his side!

And some ball time! He is my only hamster who enjoys a ball. Contrary to what the pet store people will try to tell you – the tiny tiny ball they sell? No. That isn’t going to be satisfactory for a dwarf. A Rob0 hamster, yes. But a dwarf needs the bigger ball while a big Syrian (perhaps not a smaller Syrian) will need a Rat sized ball which is HUGE.


I keep extra Duck tape on the side of the ball because I’m paranoid about the door to it popping open. So, I keep a piece over it and a spare on the side. I also keep a timer on 15 minutes to remind me that he is in fact still in the ball (as a mom to a small boy and a baby boy your mind wanders believe me!) and that he needs a break to have food and water before going back in or calling it a day! Usually, he’s finished after 15 minutes.

Probably not all dwarf hamsters are so raring to go in the day time at some point. But many owners of them I’ve spoken with have agreed that compared to their Syrians, their dwarf is a hamster they can play with during the day. Strawberry is the only hamster I have that isn’t angry about being awoken from his sleep. I life the house and he awakes immediately and excited for my hand. He’s such a special hamster. (I end up saying that about each one don’t I?)


2 thoughts on “Dwarfs more Day Time Friendly

  1. I definitely agree with this. I have had 3 syrians and 2 dwarfs. Without a doubt, Roxy and GiGi (the dwarfies) were/are the most daytime friendly. Which I love, because I am often alone and bored during the day. I love that they are willing to play and run around anytime. Cheeto is a deep sleeper… Once she retires to her nest, you will not see her for like 12 hours other than possibly coming out for a pee or a drink. Jasmine sometimes pudders around her cage during the day but isn’t usually receptive to interaction. The daylight seemed so empty without Roxy… I’m very glad to have GiGi now. 🙂

    • Here lately (since getting a girl Syrian ) Bob is almost awake all the time. He isn’t running around but when I walk into the room (before I moved Strawberry back downstairs) to get Strawberry to play with him – Bob would rush out of his house and stares at me like “WHERE IS THE WOMAN!?!” Poor guy. Hope Penny isn’ stressing him out!

      I go back and forth about if I’d get a dwarf again. Most of the time despite how attached I am to Strawberry personally – I feel I only want Syrians and Robos. And I want to have a Chinese for once to see how I mesh with one. I have a feeling they’d suit me very well – like Robos do. And I used to have mice and they are the mousy hamster.

      But I would miss the day time fun with a dwarf! Like you did.With how you mis Roxy I bet you’d not have gotten another one had it not been loneliness during the day. If I break down and get another dwarf when SB passes – it will be due to the gap of not playing with a hammy during the day.

      I had hoped my Gerbils would have been our day time cuddlies but my gerbils have so many “issues” with people they will never be that way sadly.

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