Strawberry’s Cage Just Got A Little More Exciting.


Continuing with Strawberry’s special week – his toys came in from Doctors Foster and Smith’s website. The coconut hideaway and the wood and rope ladder. He already has made the coconut his house. What great stuff! And inexpensive too!

Now his cage isn’t so boring looking eh? Here are some pictures of his set up though as you can see from the first photo I rearranged after taking these shots. I turned his coconut around slightly and his ladder leading to it is no longer hanging up but left to dangle down. I realized he much preferred climbing up it. To think these are marketed as bird toys!!! If only these suppliers would get some sense about hamsters, mice, rodents in general – their needs for enrichment and their capabilities!


I need to put a cap in spending but I detest Silent Spinners and prefer Wodent Wheels and wanted to replace Strawberry’s with a Wodent Wheel Junior (8″). They are so expensive however. They seem built to last though. And even if not – replacement parts are cheap. At least through the man I buy them through who I have linked on my “Recommended” category in links on the left sidebar. A white panel with lavender track is on the way. As well an “Icy Blue” panel and navy blue track for Bob (Penny is getting the Pink and “Icy Blue” wheel he has now as it’s more girlie – as if they care! LOL). I’m putting Penny’s Flying Saucer in the play pen.

Eventually, I might get Wodent Wheels for the Robos – thinking on to the future when I get more Robos who I’ll try to keep housed together. Wheels take up less space than Flying Saucers and with Robos you need to have a one for each – so two Robos get two wheels, two food bowls, etc. Unless I get the Detolf (A dream of mine when / if we get the space) I will have to use my largest bin cage and that won’t fit two of everything without it being super crowded!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I’ve made some changes to the hamster room. In my last post I discussed how Dwarf hams are a bit more diurnal. What even set up that post was the fact I decided to move Strawberry back downstairs to hang with us in the living room all day because we tend to spend our special time with him during the day. It only made sense to have him down there when his ball is kept down there in the kitchen for his ease of rolling about and no fear of flying down the stairs in it! And there is no room in the hamster room to roll around. Even since I rearranged everything completely in the room.

So, back to that. I spend my time with the Syrians at night when everyone is in bed but me. I also watch the Robos in action while in the play pen playing with Bob and Penny (separately of course). I have cleaned the room – shavings galore! But also rearranged the entire room. Moved cages. Moved the stands the cages were on. Etc. In doing this I’ve expanded the pen area in which I sit within – to be drastically spacier. It includes letting them free range under the shelves and around the back of Penny’s cage.

The other play pen remains the same size but I’m about to begin making more platforms for it. To make it more exciting and to make more out of the height of the walls. If only I could get more alert time and I’d get to work with craft sticks.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry’s Cage Just Got A Little More Exciting.

  1. I love Strawberry’s new cage set up!! And do I detect a small bit of fleece in his new coconut bed?? Given to him by the Etsy lady?? ;-). I was looking at buying that coconut house from Dr. Foster & Smith, but I was afraid Darwin wouldn’t climb into it. Looks like Strawberry got the right idea!!

    • Yes!!! I wasn’t sure if it was safe to use that way but I think fleece is the safe fabric! And Strawberry isn’t a chewer. The coconut is on the small side for a big Syrian but Darwin is a smaller guy and he might not sleep in it but like Bob with his coconut hanging toy – it could be a treat hideaway. To give him a foraging challenge!!

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