Penny – a little less Diva, a little more Maternal


Penny is growing up! She is less a Diva suddenly. I suppose it’s been a little bit gradual but I really notice a change in her of late. Perhaps, getting into her full maturity as one of the few ladies in this house of mostly boys.

Often my infant – being an infant – is awake at late hours. Together we will sit in the hamster room – he with a toy and I keeping a sharp eye on him as well the delicate little fuzz butt running about the hamster play area. Penny is always very curious about the children. She likes to sniff them. Put her front paws upon them to look into their eyes. And even scent mark (rub against them like a cat does) to claim them as her own. She is not one to be held still by anyone but apparently my 3 year old.


He often begs to hold one and for such a rough and tumble creature as my 3 year old son – he is very gentle with the hamsters. Although, as a young child I still keep an eye on the situation and never take for granted out delicate our little friends are. Or how unpredictable their actions could be (such as bolting and taking a plunge from a little human’s hands). But Penny, she has absolute trust within his grip and is often quite still for him. Only him. And seemingly quite at ease.


I also learned recently she is actually a Long Haired Syrian and not Short Haired as was stated on her tank at the pet store. I noticed when I first picked her out she was fuzzy. I mentioned to the shop assistant that she didn’t seem short haired to me. He wasn’t so sure either but she was in the one marked as such and so she was rung up as SH and from there I just began to assume it was so. But lately as she gets older I’ve noticed her hair growing longer. Tufts are showing up all about her. And though she’ll never have the lovely mane like coat that Bob has (females only have fuzzy, fluffy coats but not luxuriously long strands like the males) she is certainly not smooth like the Short Hair I expected her to be. Which though I went into the shop wanting a SH specifically, I am not disappointed in my choice. She is lovely and sweet and I adore her.


Unlike Bob she isn’t Satin. Satin describes a coat type. Satin coats are a recessive gene I believe and the coat is so silky and shiny that sometimes they appear slick. The hair is very fine and soft. Her hair instead is a little more coarse.

My favorite bit about her? Her eye ringlets. They give her a slight raccoon like appearance.


I finally got the blue Wodent Wheel for Bob so now soaked and scrubbed and clean and good as new the Pink Wodent Wheel is now hers and inside her cage. She seems much more pleased with a wheel than she was the Flying Saucer.


She really is calming down now. Becoming more trusting. More interested in her humans. And maternal like almost with the boys. She certainly takes much more interest in them than she ever has of me! She really has stolen our hearts!


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