This reminds me of a Doctor Who episode that makes me cry


You know – the one when the 10th Doctor and Rose are separated by the walls between the alternative universe? *sob*


I have a male and a female Syrian. Bob and Penny are pictured above. The wall that thankfully separates them is the playpen divider. I am pressed for time so I really do have to have them both out on their separate sides simultaneously. I just can NEVER walk out of that room leaving them unsupervised or else one may eventually chew through or push up and under the cardboard or foam board divider portions. The last thing I need is a litter of hamster pups.

This usually is quite a peaceful and happy arrangement for us all. My hams are super busy free ranging. Doing their own thing. Being busy and curious…

But when miss Penny is in heat – oh my. This is how I might sometimes eventually find them. This Romeo and Juliet love. Destined to never be together. So sorry!


(spot Bob!)

This is only one side of the space that Bob gets on his portion of the room. (Excuse the baby toys. I forgot them there from the other night when my baby wouldn’t sleep so he sat and played there while Bob meandered about him.) I simply open his cage door and he can hop out and do his thing. I have various litter pans set out. Bob is a very tidy ham. He poops 95 percent of the time in his pans and 100 percent wee. Penny however is a sloppy ham. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about urine on the carpet but poop …she isn’t particular … I’ll still be steam cleaning this space before I put my infant in here when he graduates from our room to his own. (Where will the hams go? I am not sure yet but they’ll be fine.)


(spot Penny!)

This is one side of Penny’s area. Mostly what you don’t see of Bob and Penny’s other portions is open space underneath furniture like a dresser and a chaise lounge.

This use of the entire room for their pens is really great for free ranging. Once they are moved elsewhere in the near future I’ll have to set it up all the time for them instead of leaving it this way.

When we settle down my dream is to have my own office room. A room for my art and such but also for my hamsters. They can be my muses. But with cardboard and foam-board dividers you can set up a sizable pen anywhere for your rodents. But they are never a substitute for your vigilant eyes! They can figure out a way to escape eventually and it comes about very suddenly.


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