A very Hammy Valentines

2nd post within the hour! Making up for the days in between updates.


For Valentines I somehow dreaded a bouquet. I wasn’t always this way. I used to get that thrill before receiving flowers from my husband – especially while we were dating and both times while he was deployed. Most of all while he was deployed. I think that is understandable. New love while dating is so romantic and tends to make one yearn for the traditional and deployment is just hard anything coming to your door in person to represent your love who you miss dearly is going to be a real hit.

This year I have him home and we’re caught up in the life as parents of two young children. I don’t want something traditional for Valentines. Something generic (no offense to those who want that because I totally get it!) I wanted something different – something that said to me – hey I know you and what you would get a kick out of – because as we age we change a little! Sometimes we change a LOT and our interests might change etc. Right now I’m obviously a hamster addict!

And see what he got me for Valentines!!!


Perfect!! Nothing says love like hamsters! Even plush ones! They won’t wilt on the window sill. They don’t even need to be watered or fed. They will also in a way immortalize Penny and Bob because I named them that. Though I also think of them as me and my husband if we were hamsters *laugh*.

This little guy is adorable too. I immortalized Strawberry by giving him that name.


It was a sweet Valentines. What bit of it we could enjoy during the uproar of little kids. And when the little ones went down for sleep I also had special time with my little live hamsters. Giving them all extra treats and attention.


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