A Night in the Life of Strawberry (late night/early morning cage tour)


I have been working on Strawberry’s FOP Gabbia Tamburino Linea Natura for awhile now. He had at one time – the most boring set up because originally what makes him happiest are CritterTrail tubes and as much as I wanted to oblige him with them – he was peeing in them so badly and in his food that he stored in them and would hardly come out of the tubes that I just knew it wasn’t healthy. All the bacteria that was building up in those tubes and in the food he would consume. I had to put an end to tubes for this fellow. So, I struggled with what to put in there for him. When he was in the bin cage he loved climbing the mesh. So, I realized he was a great climber. But what type of toys could I set up for him to make his cage interesting if not mesh and not plastic tubing? Then one day in the play pen he climbed the large piece of drift wood I had set up for the Syrians.

So, I put driftwood of his own in there (that I picked up off the beach). Got him a hanging Coconut hidey as well a wood suspension bridge from Doctor Foster and Smith’s website and a lovely hand made quilted hammock from Rittles N Bittles on Etsy. Hoping to give his climbing skills exercise. Lastly, I’ve put in a sand box and the wooden bendy bridge from Petco I had a sandbox for Strawberry when I first brought him home. But it was the enclosed type and it was what they call Chinchilla sand but it was more like dust and he started to get infections in his eyes. I finally realized it was from the “sand” which was more like dust. I switched to Aragonite sand from Petsmart (Fish section) recently for all my critters and plan to try out Children’s play sand from Walmart after that – and giving it a try again for Strawberry I’ve found no issues with his eyes.

He’s a very late, late waking ham. I thought he was super lazy but realized on a sleepless night that he doesn’t come out until after 1am. I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures of him as he was making the rounds throughout his cage! I was surprised by how agile he still is and very much still active! I am just never awake to witness it all.









SB square

“I am king of the world” – Strawberry


Other: His substrate is a mix of LifeMate Hemp and Kaytee Aspen Shavings

His wheel is the 8” Wodent Wheel Junior with white panels and a lavender track. I linked where I buy my Wodent Wheels (you can choose colors) under “Recommended” and or if you already have a wodent wheel but would like to just buy a different track or different panels also check under Recommended for a great supplier.


3 thoughts on “A Night in the Life of Strawberry (late night/early morning cage tour)

  1. I just ordered 2 more tamburino cages because I like them so much (our UK hamster heaven is AWESOME, but my hammies are cage chewers and I didn’t want to see this rare and expensive cage ruined). Anyway the water bottles for this cage are awful. I noticed that you found something better. Could you tell me where you purchases your bottle or how you did this yourself? Thanks very much! Lisa

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