Latest Gerbil Set Up & Gerbil DIY Plans

Not a lot of difference in the set up style. They appear to love the burrowing box which is piled up with substrate (hemp & aspen shavings & paper to shred) and drift wood to the side for climbing. This drift wood piece (I change out four different shaped pieces to keep them from boredom) has openings on the bottom like tunnels as well a hole through another arm of it. It’s the best piece I found for them as it really mimics tree roots. And this leaves the rest of the tank a flatter surface for a varied geography type combination.

So I just change out their burrowing box when I do a clean. For now that is working but I want to expand their space and I want something more permanent.

I have plans to go to Home Depot and get the supplies to build them a nice, high, wooden cube box (no bottom) with little planks attached to the side so they can climb it like steps to hop in. I saw something just like that in image search. So clever. I’d like it to fit pretty much almost half the tank to give them a great deal more space to tunnel.

And I also intend to build my own tank topper since commercially I can only find 10 -20 gallon toppers. I need one for a 40 gallon – that would get expensive even if I found one to buy. With mesh and cage clips I can do this myself and design it how I like. And I’m sure for a fraction of the cost of one online. When I start on these projects I’ll of course post it as a DIY section along with my million other goals for this blog. Like a FAQ on Gerbils as well finish my FAQ on Hamsters.




Difficult to see but it’s not as cluttered as it seems. Behind the driftwood and under that bridge there is a lot of empty space for them. The driftwood also is raised at the bottom a bit and with a lot of tunnel like gaps.




It’s difficult to see but those dark spots on the bottom of the driftwood are gaps which are very large and the gerbils run through them to and fro with ease. They really love all the hideaways this particular piece of driftwood gives them.



My attempt to show more gaps under and behind the driftwood. But it’s really hard unless I could wedge myself behind the tank to get a shot from behind. Anyway, I think most Gerbil owners realize how you could upgrade and upgrade and upgrade and nothing would seem big enough for these busy little hellions. I wish I could have a wrap around tank in my living room. What fun that would be to watch them travel all around doing gerbil things.


3 thoughts on “Latest Gerbil Set Up & Gerbil DIY Plans

    • I so would if I was in the house we’ll settle in for good! I have already drafted ideas in my head of how to do it. I am a forever Gerbil fan now ( as well hamsters of course) and I would so LOVE to have a clan of gerbils living in a wrap around aquarium. With plexi glass and silicon glue and such (much research in DIY) I cannot see why this couldn’t happen!

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