A Message from Erin from Erin’s Bobtail Hamstery

EDIT! UPDATE! After working with a YouTube employee for a few days Erin’s Hacked Channel was completely restored. It was a miracle. This is her original and now salvaged and current channel: http://www.youtube.com/erinshamsters (Tune in for very informative information on hamster care, products, and adorable hammy videos). Those just now reading this – if you are curious to the story read below …

There is a youtuber named Erin (also a member of HC) who I have followed for sometime. She has a hamstery in Wales (though she is soon to relocate home to Cyprus). I have had her youtube channel linked as it was a wealth of hamster care and cage information that was valuable on the internet for the education of hamster owners or potential owners. Well, in a series of blows to her personal life she was also the victim of hacking. And so, this is a message from her for those of you who were already subscribers and also to those of you who stumble here who are interested in becoming new subscribers.

“Hi guys, Erin from ErinsHamsters here! If you haven’t heard already my account has been the victim of hacking and has been deleted by said hacker. At the moment it seems unlikely that the channel will be recovered so there is a brand new channel which will be restocked with professional hamster care videos as well as many other animal care videos. If you were a Subscriber of ErinsHamsters please find the new channel by following this link to Bobtail Animal Rescue http://youtube.com/user/bobtailanimalrescue I’m so sorry this has happened guys but I do hope you will resubscribe to us! This channel is exactly the same as ErinsHamsters just with a different name.
I hope to see you all very soon on the new channel!
Take care everyone, Erin xxx”



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