Got THE Package!

This is very late but life has been busy bee like.
Marquelle was so sweet to offer a couple of her spare hamster cage shelves to me. She purchased them from the UK awhile back – as we all know you can’t find stuff like this in the U.S. I have coveted these shelves for a long time. Red and Pink! Love colors! But she didn’t stop there! Oh, no! Girly fun  with some treats for the little fuzzbutts included for extra!


Check out these TINY Milk Bone dog biscuits! They are mini’s and I’ve never seen them before! My hams love them! And inside this adorable ceramic bowl which I actually needed for Strawberry. He was the last ham to get a ceramic bowl (slowly replacing the plastic bowls I had originally for the Syrians and Strawberry).


Hammy stickers! (The ones on my fingers I took off the package they decorated – just to keep – I’m that crazy for hammy stuff!)


And more stickers for Easter! And RAINBOW BRITE! OH YEAH – 80s girl here so this made me squeal like the little girl that exists inside!


Of course – none other than the shelves!!! I was SO beyond excited to receive!


And this awesome perfume set. It smells so lovely! I was surprised being that it was Paris Hilton (and the other is Brittney Spears). Such a pleasant, light scent. My hubby was pretty pleased and sends Marquelle his thanks as well! *blushes*

Such a sweet and thoughtful package. I am incredibly grateful. ❤

I installed them that very night the package arrived but those photos will be posted next.


2 thoughts on “Got THE Package!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad everything arrived for you and your gorgeous furry family. Very happy to know the shelves are being used… Seemed silly to just hoard them when someone else could be using them. 🙂

    • I love them so much! I am such a visual person too and pleasing visuals make me feel better. So I feel better whenever I look at their pretty cages as well I feel good giving my lovelies more places to perch and climb! Can’t thank you enough because I appreciate them daily!! As of course the hams to! Bob and Penny spend a great deal of time on their shelves!

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