March Cage Tour of Penny’s Mamble/Ferret Kit 100


Marquelle’s shelves fit nicely in both Penny’s and Bob’s cages. Of course Penny gets the pink and Bob got the red (his cage will be posted next). The shelf gives her a total of 3. I had planned to remove the grey one I took from Bob’s cage as it has a hole in it for tubes that they don’t use. But I keep her sand box over the hole and she doesn’t seem to have trouble with it. Honestly, she’s such a lovely big gal that I cannot imagine her being able to fall through that little hole (don’t tell her I said that!).

The coconut hideaway used to be Bob’s but lately he’s ignored it and has wanted less clutter in his cage. So, I gave it to Penny and she loves to find a surprise treat in it. Since taking this picture she has chewed through one of the straps to the left zebra hammocks and I removed it to sew back in place. The coconut now hangs where that hammock was. I worry she’ll fall from it though so I probably won’t leave it like that for long.


Penny is a bird dangle toy addict. In fact she’s chewed through so many of the ropes on the one pictured in the corner I need to order her some new ones. She is very into enrichment. I love having such a feisty, busy ham! Bob is great for cuddles and she is not. She is on the go go go. I truly enjoy having a male and female Syrian.


The only thing ugly about this cage is that rat tube (which came with it). If I could safely dye the plastic with some mythical magic safe dye for hard plastic – then I would. But it’s a great bridge for her to get from one shelf to the other. The big white shelf came with her cage. She has made it a poop shelf. Her litter pan, sand box, are clearly not enough to contain her millions of poops so she also has a poop shelf. I have never seen a creature so small poop so MUCH. Way more than Bob or any other of my hams! A girl hamster thing? Or just a Penny the Pooper thing?


This is her fancy smancy shelf and Damask printed ceramic food dish. It’s the last thing I blew money on for my hamsters that wasn’t a necessity. (I can’t spend frivolously any longer on them or in general as we have to start budgeting like YESTERDAY!) Both she and Bob got ceramic bowls. (The Roborovskis have had ceramic radish dishes since I first got them but the rest had plastic bowls). Now her pretty bowl gets to sit on her pretty shelf. I am a strange girl and I am very visual. I love actually almost every color. I can’t think of a color I don’t like. Despite all the pink you see here I do adore shades of blue and green too. Green and yellow together a lot. But I live in a house with two boys and a man and I keep a gender neutral decor everywhere. Penny’s cage has become my “I am girlie, hear me squeal” epicenter. And subconsciously – she and my female dog Chloe are my “girls” …as I have no daughters and never will have daughters at this point. Do I sound mental yet? Well, you are reading a blog devoted to hamsters and gerbils (and expanding to sometimes feature my dog and aquarium too in the near future I’m sure – so I’m sure you are a little pet crazy too then!)


These great Chinchilla ledges (the other wooden ones you might spy a hint of in the other photos are from Petco FYI) are from Petsmart online and make great steps. Right now there is a pretty tissue box that is under the last step so she doesn’t have to jump so far down. She likes to perch on these often. I painted one purple with non-toxic paint but never got around to doing the other. I’m going to re-paint the other as well the non-painted one another color.

So, that is Penny’s cage. Though as of the last couple days I’ve made a couple changes due to unforeseen circumstances and the use of a recently emptied tissue box (you know that brand that has the pretty designs on the boxes!)

Other facts about the cage:

First level of substrate is Kaytee Apsen Shavings

2nd level of substrate is Carefresh Natural

3rd level is Eco Bedding (Pink) Crinkles

That is a Hot Pink with Icy blue strip Wodent Wheel 11”

The Zebra hammocks are Fleece Hang N Hammock by Ware (come in assorted and you can’t choose but the picture they show is zebra which was what I wanted and took a chance on twice – but don’t get your hopes up!)

The blue one I forgot what it’s called but it was from either or

The Damask cat food or small dog food dish was from Petco

The Coconut hidey in Birds in Petsmart

The dangling bird toy was also either from or and the other one with the wicker hoops and bell she also loves to just jingle the bell – I cannot remember where it came from but I’m pretty sure it was one of the two I just mentioned.

Of course the cage was from Amazon and it’s the 100 or Large. I got mine for $103 before it surged in popularity. Now currently it’s about $15 bucks more or so. Totally still worth it. Well made and spacious and with a lot of height to work with as well though the footprint is the most important when choosing a hamster cage (as well bar spacing).


8 thoughts on “March Cage Tour of Penny’s Mamble/Ferret Kit 100

  1. Wow, seeing the shelf in there really puts into perspective how much bigger the Mamble is than the Kevin! Cheeto is green with envy!i absolutely adore that damask food dish… If I wasn’t so attached to my Bret Michaels bowls, I would be hunting one down. My GiGi has that same bird toy, with the wicker hoops and the bell. (It was Roxy’s before her and Roxy adooooored the bell.) Anyway, I’m babbling…. But I just love your cages!

  2. I know right?????? I feel so bad sometimes that Bob isn’t in the same sized cage as Penny but then I remember how clumsy he is and how less active. He fell so badly. He is a terrible climber. He pretty much is just a wheel runner and not into toys or burrowing or climbing. He prefers free ranging to really running about his cage. His Kevin is AMPLE for him. But still …that part in your head that wants to treat all your fur-kids equal ticks in and hard to shut it off.
    Your Brett Michaels bowls are kick ass! No need to change them! I had boring plastic dishes that were just bleh. I wanted pretty and weighted. Some plastic bowls are weighted but I couldn’t find any that were pretty! So I went with ceramic! And well, I figured they’d last awhile too.
    I have seen that same toy in your bin for her!! When it was Roxy’s bin! I remember it was really cheap for the size of it! I am surprised she doesn’t chew on the wicker though! The bells seems to be the only fascination! I think they like the reflection of themselves in it and the coolness of the metal and maybe they enjoy making it jingle! Who knows! But as I lay in bed I hear her randomly jingle that bell from the room across the hall EVERY NIGHT lol

    • I want to get one of those cages but firstly, I can’t afford it right now. And secondly, I feel like I would have to buy 2 because I would feel bad giving it to Cheeto and not Jasmine. Maybe someday!

  3. Looking good there! I was always wary about having jingly bird toys, I was worried the sound would scare the hammies, but if Penny loves hers, I might get one for Annie 🙂

    • Originally Bob had those toys! But he ignored them! Well, at first he nibbled at the pumice a little. But he never went to town on it like Penny does! That bell jingling up a storm in the middle of the night cracks me up!

  4. There are so many amazing cages in the UK but I can barely seem to find any that seem as suitable in the USA.. any recommendations?

    • You can find the “Mamble” or as it’s known in the USA as Ferret Kit 100 at Amazon. It should be around 100-120 dollars – for its size and quality that actually isn’t overpriced IMO. When you consider the costs of most “ferret” cages that are in the 200 range and are usually higher than longer. This is a longer cage so that is what is great about it for a hamster. But I wouldn’t pay over 120 or so for the 100cm cage. They also have a “Medium” or 80 cm which is not much less than the 100cm so it’s worth it to get the 100cm for a little bit more money. It comes with a platform and litter box and some other little things as well.
      There is also the Marchioro Kevin 82 “mouse” cage. This is a decent size for a syrian and the bar spacing is so small (7mm) that any size hamster can go in there. I found mine from but also sells them sometimes. Expect to pay 140 or less. I got mine on sale for 119. I think anything over 120 or so is toooooo high for that cage personally. For that cost I’d go with the Ferret Kit 100 for a bigger cage for less money.

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