Burrowing Box (Gerbils or Hamsters)

Well, I once saw an image during a search under burrowing boxes that inspired me to make this today for my Gerbil boys:


It’s not as long as I had wanted originally. It is as tall though. Eventually, I will have wood cut at Home Depot to be the size I would prefer for them. Right now though to fit and keep in the large piece of driftwood  that they love to use I had to have a box of this size and no larger. As of right now they love it.


Just four pieces of wood the same size – nailed together to form a cube (no bottom piece) and nailing to the sides the two wooden steps – and that is it. The picture really shows you all it is! I got everything from Michaels because our Michaels is next to Petsmart where I was today to get more fish for my aquarium. A quick peek in their wood section got me started.

When I came over to my blog to post this entry (I will get to posting Bob’s cage as well some other photos I have to share but this was something I was excited about today) I decided to do an update to my  “Process of a Gerbilarium” page. I renamed it appropriately: Process of a Gerbilarium and Gerbil FAQ. 

It’s still a work in progress just like the hamster pages.


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