Bob’s Kevin 82 March Set Up


Well, here is Bob’s Kevin 82 cage and it’s the most sparse it has ever been but I noticed he stopped playing with all his toys. The hanging coconut and peek-a-boo hideaway type objects. He loves his bridge and his hammocks though. I am going to have Rittles N Bittles from Etsy quilt me a few new hammocks (request for new corner hammocks) for him in the future. They are sturdier than the ones I have in there now. I noticed he seems to want less clutter lately and more open space and so I aim to please. I noticed he has stopped begging to come out every time I walk by the room and now only begs to come out at the usual time which I do so.

The red shelf really pops in the blue cage! It’s his dining room. Hah!


I often feel guilt that he is in a much smaller cage than Penny’s but once he lived in the Mamble/Ferret Kit 100 and he would fall so easily. He’s clumsy and not much of a climber. He didn’t seem to get much out of the height of that cage. The larger footprint was nice. But since he’s been in this cage I have felt it was ample. He has always seemed very comfortable and content with this cage. Despite it not being as large as Penny’s I do still love this cage. It’s really great for those with not a lot of space in their home. Especially if they needed several for multiple hammys. Any species of hamster would be happy in this cage with the narrow bar spacing and deep base. It’s made so well. It’s such a high quality cage. Nothing cheap about it except the throwaway accessories it came with (tiny, cheap wheel, food dish, brittle plastic tubes etc).

That is the planet Petco wooden bendy bridge/hideaway. The wooden rope ladder was in the bird section of Petsmart. The wheel is a 11” Wodent Wheel Senior in Icy Blue with a dark blue track. The fleece hammock set I got a long time ago off Ebay – they were hand-made and on sale for cheap so I ignore the dorky design (I don’t like dots) for the sake of a set of affordable hammocks!


That is his new earthenware food dish from Petco. The shelf from Marquelle – she got it from or littlepetwarehouse in the UK. The ferret litter pan is Bob’s litter pan. For both he and Penny I use Swheat Scoop litter (all natural wheat litter). Bob requires a large, corner litter pan or he’ll pee over the side! And the little basket house can be found on various pet web sites – I can’t remember where I got it but it was on sale. He has chewed a hole through the wicker ceiling in a spot but still loves it under there.


That is Planet Petco paper pellet substrate. I was giving it a try as he’s long hair and other substrates get tangled up in his skirt. I have started to keep his skirt trimmed and might give the other substrates a try again. Inside his house I have Carefresh Crinkles and Nestables and some soft, plain tissue like paper I shredded with the shredder.


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