March Hamster Room Update

So, after the changes to the Syrian’s cages I also had a change with the hamster room. It’s originally my 7 month old’s room but I am one of those hippie parents so I do attachment parenting (blah blah, this is a rodent blog not a baby blog LOL) – so long story short I just co-sleep pretty much just like I did with my first child. But we did need another room. It’s very cold here so I have to keep it entertaining in our house.


So, now it’s a playroom and hamster room. What is awesome about this (and unexpected) is that during the day Penny hears the commotion and begs to come out. She LOVES to play around the room while we are in there. I worry about my 3 year old stepping on her but the rule of the room is that we have to stay seated. No rough housing. And I pretty much watch everyone in there like a hawk.

Of course when I took these pictures it was right when I JUST completed rearranging the room. So no hamster is awake or visible. With all the sounds and shifting they were huddled protectively in their houses I’m sure.


Well, now Bob also wakes up and watches and waits for his turn to run around as well. So, once Penny has chosen to run back into her cage I will let him out.


And lastly Strawberry will get active. It’s really strange and funny. Only the Rovorovskis are the party poopers. You won’t see hide nor hair of them until sun down.

When the hamsters run about the room they stick mostly under the furniture. But will venture out and up to the boys randomly. I have various litter pans set up under the furniture (away from my baby’s curious reach). I love having all my sweeties in one room together for play time. Only my gerbils (they remain downstairs in the living room and my little dog isn’t in there. I don’t trust her around rodents. She’s a squirrel chaser.



2 thoughts on “March Hamster Room Update

    • Thank you so much!!! It makes me smile to be in there! So light in there and so cheerful and the kids love it and the hamsters seem comfortable and content. I appreciate you stopping by!! I am still figuring out the Blog Paws!! I saw you added me as a friend (in my email) so I have yet to play around and get a feel of the place!

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