DIY Platform for the FOP Gabbia Tamburino Linea Natura


Yogies! Ah the life. Yes, a dwarf probably shouldn’t be eating a sweet treat but I have no reason to think that he has diabetes. It’s not often anyway.

I was making platforms out of spare parts of wood I had just for the gerbils. But as they chew anything I was hesitant of putting one particular platform I put together into their tank! I used spare wood things I found on an aisle in Michael’s crafts. I’m not sure what they are for. But they have them in a plethora of styles. These remind me of thread spools. And the wooden crate like thing I used for the top shelf was just a wooden crate that a set of hand held instruments for my son came in. I used a spray sealant over it to make it pee-proof hopefully (set it outside over night to air out) and I used non-toxic hot glue to attach the spools at the bottom or the “legs” to it. It’s really that simple.


So, I thought – why not use this for Strawberry? These types of shelves work for tanks, bins or big wire cages. Anyway, Strawberry has been feeling better lately and I imagine he might like something new to explore. So, I removed his dip and dive toy as that is good in small doses and moved in his platform and here it is. He seemed pretty happy about it.

collage sb platform

Originally I had his rope hanging ladder across the top of his hammock but after snapping a few photos I then realized I should change that up. I drooped it like a hammock. Beside the hanging coconut and the ladder to that which I also drooped.

He seems to prefer the challenge of climbing up his drift wood to get onto the platform instead of the bendy wood bridge. That’s my Strawberry. Always likes the climb to be as difficult as possible!


3 thoughts on “DIY Platform for the FOP Gabbia Tamburino Linea Natura

  1. I’m thinking of getting myself one of these cages, if I do I will be looking through your posts about it again for inspiration 😉

    Glad Strawberry seems to be liking the platform, too 😀

    • When I first got it I loved it. Then I kinda ignored it (hence why poor Strawberry had little going on in there for awhile – HE wasn’t ignored though). I just had a difficult time realizing its potential. Platforms are the way to go for it. It has limited space on the grill up top for much to dangle but I’ve done my best. Now I have come to really ADORE this cage. And it’s such a light cage. Oh, what I would give for a ZZ2 though!!!

      OH, and I just posted a video tour of it!!!

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