Video Cage Tour of Strawberry’s Tamburino & Blog Plans


I know! I know! I am updating about Strawberry’s cage a LOT. I’ve been improving his cage layout day by day for some time now. Still fine tuning things. I added a couple things today which I show in the video.

And one may notice that I include the name of his cage often in posts. I do this for the benefit of people using Google search. A lot of my hits to this blog are of search terms for the cage my hamsters have and so I want people who are curious about these awesome cages to be able to zero right in on the posts featuring them in depth like this of the …you guessed it …FOP Gabbia Tamburino Linea Natura. (When I was about to order this cage there was hardly an image or video of it anywhere except for one member on Hamster Central forums and one in Italian language on Youtube with a lonely Gerbil in it.

I plan to make more time for this blog because I enjoy it. I always had all these plans for it – things I enjoyed – the entire original purpose was to show my cage set ups because although I cannot afford right now (nor have the space) to active collect now (I am sounding like a hoarder!) I am still a collector of cages! I have this mission to have every suitable cage for my critters that is available in the states. To be able to use it and review it and show it here and tell people how they can themselves procure it. Because more people in this country need to know there are better habitats for their hamsters out there. You don’t have to settle for Critter Trail! I was once that person. I got a Critter Trail for Strawberry when we brought him home and thought nothing of it. Then got the two Roborovskis and put them in a 10 gallon tank and thought nothing of that! Now, I can only ask myself – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

I used to find and save in a folder on my desktop images I came across on image search of what people had done with IKEA Detolf Hacks for their hamsters. And just awesome layouts in general. All for the purpose to do a weekly “Beautiful cages I’ve found on the internet” series. My next big investment is a Detolf and so that is why I’ve found it to be the most interesting.

I also wanted to do a weekly : “Hamsters in the News” – just in the last week a hamster was found alive walking about in a blizzard somewhere across the pond. Nuts! Stories such as that!

I need to finish my informational tabs. I’ll be separating them by subject. Food FAQ, Habitat & Toys FAQ, Exercisers FAQ, and broaden the Gerbil page. Getting there. Getting there!

And lastly, I wanted to post little bios about special hamster stories. I have already in the past about a Rescue hamster I met named Marshmellow. But Ah! That all takes a surprising amount of time. Most of my time is broken up between many interruptions so what I do post and discuss on here is done with much haste! My videos I make are done with haste and anxiety! I am always listening out for a baby cry or a 3 year old breaking something. It’s a very inconsistent lifestyle at this time. And probably going to get worse before better!

Videos – I have been making use of Youtube’s new layout. Organizing playlists and developing a Channel. I do not have inspiration or aim to have a channel like Erinshamsters or other I could name (That is another idea – shout outs!) but right now the names of their Channels escape me – but I do want to make more use out of the blogging referred to as “vlogging” – video blog. I prefer writing to talking but there is something so personal and intimate as a vlog. Like I’m making myself even more available to fellow hamster and gerbil lovers out there!

All of this is in the works. I can at least promise to plan it. If I don’t follow through it won’t be for lack of interest or changing of my mind. I do love having the dreams.


And sorry to end on a melancholy note -but I must ask of anyone seeing this to send positive vibes out to my friend Marquelle. Her  Syrian hamster Cheeto was diagnosed with Pyometra. She’s a little bit of an older ham being over a year now and so surgery isn’t an option. It’s heartbreaking to begin with that we only have these little angels for so short a time even when they live for the fuller two maybe three years if you are lucky. So when it’s under 2 years it feels like even more of a robbery. Here are prayers that she lives long and comfortable for as long as that is possible. She is Marquelle’s special bond-hamster and it has saddened me so much today for her.


11 thoughts on “Video Cage Tour of Strawberry’s Tamburino & Blog Plans

  1. Thank you so much for the mention. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I know, I know, I’m a huge nerd.

    I fully admit that on a good day I am merely a basketcase so adding the fact that my best furry friend is incredibly sick, I am somewhere between completely inconsolable and total emotional meltdown.

    All kind words are appreciated more than I can say, really. xx

  2. Awesome cage…as usual! :-). You continue to inspire me to do new things to my cages too!

    Marquelle, I continue to keep you and Cheeto in my thoughts! Keeping my fingers crossed for you<3

    • I thought so too at first but after last night hearing it bump and seeing that it slides !!! Yikes ! Change of plan lol. I made this for it today!
      Wheel Stand

  3. We recently bought a pet store hamster and five days later she had 5 babies. I’m getting their homes ready and almost all of my ideas have come from your cages…they are spectacular!

    You mentioned that you purchased the corner fleece hammocks and tunnel (pink and brown polka dot) that are in the Kevin 82 cage from a woman on ebay. Are you able to share this information so that I can place an order with her? Lisa

      • Thank you so much! I’m having trouble with the suction cups to the water bottle staying on the outside of the cage (even after I wet them a little)…and I noticed you aren’t using the water bottles that comes with the tamburino. Can you tell me what type of water bottle you have and how you get it to stay on the cage? Also, my wodent wheel arrived and the color is really awful (black and dark green). Is there a safe way to modify the color of it? I’m thinking special tape over the middle round part or maybe paint on the plastic parts. And speaking of paint, what type did you use to spray the top of the cage to brown? I can’t figure out a safe way to paint it (I think it was you who eventually changed the lid color, and I apologize if it was someone else’s picture that I’m thinking of). I really appreciate your help, you are a wealth of information!! Lisa

      • I ordered from those child latches. They have an adhesive on the back and they lock (they are like plastic strap) and you push a little button to unlatch one side. Makes holding a water bottle easy and fast to unhook for water changes. You can get 4 packs or 8 packs. I was using them for my kids to keep them out of the fridge and cabinets and had one left over when it hit me! OH perfect!

        My tamburino did not come with a bottle or a holder! I was left to come up with something on my own! Very strange. Makes me wonder if there should have been one and mine was missing it!

        That was someone else that spray painted the grid brown! Ummm…trying to remember her name. She’s on Hamster Central though. She’s a moderator from the USA. The minute you post there asking who did that you’ll get answers right away! Her Tamurino is amazing. She did such beautiful wood platforms and such. She’s so clever. She even made a wood knob to lift up the grid (which the Tamburino really needs). I use a bull dog clip to lift. A temporary solution.

        But YES – there is a safe paint. Just be sure to ask the lady over there at Hamster Central.

        HAMTASTIC! That’s her name. Moderator Hamtastic! She is the one who did that.

      • I requested extra bottles so if you want to give me your address offline (and assuming you live in US), I will gladly send you one of my extras. Maybe you can figure out how to get them to work 🙂

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