Video Tours & What’s new in the cages


So, Strawberry got a platform for his wheel. This is to keep the wheel from falling down while he burrows underneath. What is it with dwarfs and burrowing under their wheels?

Penny and Bob got new litter pans. Penny’s is a pretty smokey grey and Bob’s is an exciting lime green! Unusual color for a litter pan. I didn’t get to choose as it was whatever the company decided to send but I was very happy with their choices. Yes, I know it’s just a litter pan but these are great! Maybe all Syrian hamsters are this way but my two love to spend a great deal of time in theirs. Just like humans and their restrooms I suppose. Mine do their business but also they groom quite a bit there. Bob particularly can be found in his pan often just chilling out. Having a light snack. Giving himself a little wash. What is neat about these pans are the shape. The roundness and the high backing. Penny was very happy to have gotten this. The one she had before was a Chinese take out container and she would go over the side quite often.

And I put in Patch’s Dip N Dive (made from a paper egg carton) tonight and he won’t leave it. He loves it in there so much I am not sure if he’ll come out except for food and water. Tomorrow Snow will get his – when I boil all the eggs within it to dye them Easter colors!

So, as well I did the most babble-y March tour video of all the hammy cages! What I was most thrilled with was that the hams were complete HAMS for the video. Especially, Penny. She pretty much began to give you all the tour herself. I wasn’t necessary. But they all made an appearance but Strawberry who was having a snooze fest. So I included a side video of him from earlier that day of him inspecting his new platform for his wheel to sit on. He likes to burrow under there and sleep.

And of course the Gerbils have gone through several set ups since the last video. So, it was time for one for them as well. This time I was alert and normal but my bebe was cranky and ready to be put down for bed! Alas! I have trouble with juggling! But the Gerbils were also pretty camera friendly. They were being impatient for their sunflower and peanut treat which I give them right before I head upstairs for bed.

I tried to make it an opportunity to be in-depth about their set up in hopes that people who don’t know better or are researching habitats because they do – will find mine and it will give them more ideas. Better ideas. But at least AN idea about how a Gerbil habitat should be set up. From the minimum size to what gerbils want and need in a habitat : deep substrate to burrow, something to climb, and room to run. As well all the other things they enjoy such as a sand pot. I do babble a lot but it comes from a good place and not from a love of hearing myself talk. I really want people to know what I now know. I was so naive starting out with the hamsters and in my childhood with rodents. I have learned SO much in such a short period of time since adult rodent ownership and just have this passion now for it to be out there more and more to fog out all the BAD information that is more readily available.



6 thoughts on “Video Tours & What’s new in the cages

    • I wonder what in this instincts tell them to burrow under their wheels!!? Especially, when they have plenty of other places in their cages to hide away in. My Roborovskis like to sleep under their Flying Saucers randomly. I’ll think they’ve escaped in some magical way (the only way possible for them is magic or negligence on my part) and then it’ll hit me …check under the saucer stands! Sure enough!

  1. Awwww I just adore Penny! She is beautiful.

    I have a bag of the Kaytee Soft Granule Bedding too but I exclusively use it for Cheeto’s litter pan right now. It’s soft and the odor control is very good, especially right now since she is peeing a lot. But otherwise, like you, I have switched over to aspen. It’s so much more inexpensive. Which is needed, with 3 cages to clean. And even more for you!

    Anyway, everything looks great, as always.

    • THank you so much! And as neat as that Granule bedding was the novelty just wore off as well Carefresh. I’m going to go for the shredded aspen by Native Earth once the shavings are all used up. I hear it’s a lot more the texture of hemp!

  2. I wish I could use Aspen, but hubbie has bad allergies:-(…EcoBedding is NOT cheap!

    Sadly, I can’t see Strawberry’s video:-(. It won’t play & says it is private.

    • Thank you for letting me know!!! I must have accidentally selected private when uploading!!!!! I fixed it!
      I thought it was affecting our allergies so I stopped using it and then noticed nothing changed for any of us. Then I had Eli allergy tested again and they added aspen to what they stuck on him and he had no issue with hay or the tree so thankfully I could resume Aspen! So much cheaper and I like how it looks too. And they burrow well in it! Especially, the gerbils love it! No, Eco Bedding is NOT cheap. You have to shop around and bulk up on sales! I wish I could remember where I got my brown Eco Bedding crinkles because it was a great deal for a huge bag.

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