DIY Foraging hanging toy with Video of Penny enjoying it!

I saw a foraging toy in a friend’s bin cage that can be bought on Doctor Foster and Smith. But I decided to make my own because I could get Terra Cotta pots that were slightly bigger and use a kabob toy so I could make changes to it. It was SUPER easy and fast to make of course and was a success.


First I got four of these terra cotta pots. One for each Syrian, the Gerbils, and Strawberry. I plan to make these for the Roborovskis as well but with twine to hang them lower for them and with smaller pots which I can find somewhere else but haven’t yet. Getting there! So, I also then used the box they came in to cut cardboard squares for the bottom and the top. And purchased some Kabob hanging toys (I have another already from before not pictured and also you could of course go even cheaper and use twine. Sisal or hemp twine /rope would work well. You can get clips to hang them from and tie a fat sturdy knot at the bottom of the base of the pot so it won’t slip off. I chose the metal kabobs for the sturdiness.) Then I had my crinkle bedding and some new treats ready and finally went to work!

photo(16) photo(17)

I used a piece of cardboard to keep the metal bottom from sitting flush on the clay bottom. The top piece of Cardboard works as the challenge of the hamster lifting it to get inside. Once your hamster gets the idea you can up the level of difficulty by cutting more squares and making them different shapes and piling them on top of one another so it’s heavier or trickier for them to get in. I made this one for Penny too easy. So, I’ll have to make a few changes so she really has to work harder to get in there. This is what the toy from Doctor Foster and Smith didn’t offer. A way to make it more challenging and why I thought I’d take it a bit farther! Also you can put more wood blocks or pumice chews, lava rock etc on the top to weigh it down more. Anything to make them work for the treats inside. I’m sure everyone can come up with more and more ideas. If you do this and try something different PLEASE post me pictures of it in comments! I’d love to see it!

Here is a video of Penny with her new toy! She of course didn’t take long to figure it out. It helps to put special treats that they do not get very often or never have had. Or a fresh vegetable. Something very enticing!


8 thoughts on “DIY Foraging hanging toy with Video of Penny enjoying it!

    • She is so irresistible. If only she was more cuddly though. She is so busy. I cannot even express how busy she is. She is always on the go when she is out and about. But compared to how she was when we first adopted her – she has become much more cuddly. She is more still when Eli holds her though than when anyone else does!!!!

  1. What a smart chica you are;-)!! What a great DIY! Looks much harder for Penny to get into that deeper pot, but she does it like a champ! I love how she perches herself on there:-). Just a thought…Michaels sells those flat, wooden shapes in there wood department, as well as the spools & beads. Those could be added(with a drill hole to the center) to increase difficulty also.

    • Brilliant!!! I just put Bob’s in his cage today but of course he’s still asleep. Penny will actually come out in the day but he’s pretty out of it. I hope I catch him getting in it the first time. I have an idea when he wakes in the early evening so we’ll see if I can get video of it!!! Again, thanks for the suggestions!!!

  2. What a great idea. We have one of those kabob hanging toys. We usually hang corn, carrots, etc. on them.

    I’m going to have to keep my eye out for some wee terracotta pots.

    I can just imagine my guys ripping strips off the cardboard to get to the goodies. LOL

    Your forage toy reminds me of what we did last year for Easter. I gave my guys chocolate chips, nuts, and yogies within plastic easter eggs, as well as a hard boiled egg. The insanity then ensued with my guys running around the cage carrying their eggs to get away from pursuit.

    PS My guys are rats, so my food items may not be appropriate for other species.

    • Awww I love it! I actually have pretty eggs we decorated and I want to split one up for them all. And I did see all these treats as sort of an early easter basket for them as well! It ran through my mind! So sweet.
      I think the only thing on the no-no list you mentioned was the chocolate. But there is actually a hamster treat out there called chocolate chips even though it’s not really chocolate. At least I know they have them in the UK.

      I can see your rats running around with the eggs. Oh, I wish you had got video of that!!! LOL

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